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Catching up with Beat Frequency of The Voice


Season 4 of The Voice begins Monday night at 8 p.m. on NBC. Check back for live blogs during each show and for bios of the contestants who land a spot in the competition.

Meanwhile, it’s time to catch up with some familiar faces who have new music, including a Season 3 Team Christina members, Beat Frequency.

Natasha Neuschwander and Shawn Lewis of  Beat FrequencyBefore The Voice: Beat Frequency is an electro-pop duo that includes former professional sports dancer Natasha Neuschwander and husband Shawn Lewis, a veteran of a Christian rock band. Prior to The Voice, they had released a 2011 album called “Love Is All I Need” and tried out for America’s Got Talent and The X Factor, advancing to the boot camp round on the latter show. From Vancouver, she was 28 and he was 35 at the time of their audition for The Voice.

On The Voice: They auditioned with Katy Perry’s “E.T.” and landed on Team Christina. Adam Levine called them the best duet to try out for the show so far. But the show hasn’t been kind to groups, especially in the battle round, designed to have two singers square off on in a boxing round. It gets awkward when the two singers become three. And the battle round proved Beat Frequency’s downfall when they lost to Laura Vivas after a performance of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.”

Since The Voice: In late January, the duo released a 10-track album called “Electrify.” Two of the tracks — “Little Black Dress” and “Pull Me Under” — are holdovers from that 2011 album. The other eight tunes are new, and you can listen to the album below. Make sure to check out “Fool for the Music.” Natasha and Shawn have done several shows at venues in the northwest since appearing on the show.

Keeping track of Beat Frequency: On Twitter, they are @beatfreq together or @shawnlewis and @neuschwander individually. They have a website, and here are the Facebook and YouTube links.

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