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Check out all the 2016 post-Voice music videos


Below is a look at videos released by former contestants on The Voice in 2016.

Among the highlights — the four-part “Ballad of Jessica Blue” music video series released after the death of Season 6 finalist Christina Grimmie and videos for six songs from Melanie Martinez’s “Cry Baby” album.

If I’ve missed anyone, please drop a line to Voice Views at [email protected] or @VoiceViews on Twitter to let me know. There have been more than 400 singers on the first 11 seasons of The Voice, so I’d be amazed if I’ve caught all the new music.

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Adanna Duru (Season 3) — “Walk”

Adley Stump (Season 2) — “Don’t Wanna Love Him”

Angie Keilhauer (Season 10) — “Am I Crazy”

Angie Keilhauer (Season 10) — “Made to Live by the Water”

Bad Wolf (fronted by Kota Wade — Season 9) — “Good Intentions”

Braiden Sunshine (Season 9) — “Best There Ever Was”

Brittnee Camelle (Season 6) — “11 O’Clock”

Caroline Glaser (Season 4) — “Your Love”

Cassadee Pope (with Chris Young) — “Think of You”

Cassadee Pope — “Summer”

Chris Jamison (Season 7) — “Better Man”

Chris Jamison (Season 7) — “Truth”

Chris Mann (Season 2) — “Comeback”

Christina Grimmie (Season 6) — “Snow White” Part 1 of “The Ballad of Jessica Blue”

Christina Grimmie (Season 6) — “Anybody’s You” Part 2 of “The Ballad of Jessica Blue”

Christina Grimmie (Season 6) — “Deception” Part 3 of “The Ballad of Jessica Blue”

Christina Grimmie (Season 6) — “Without Him” Part 4 of “The Ballad of Jessica Blue”

Christina Grimmie (Season 6) — “My Buddy” from the film “The Matchbreaker”

Clarissa Serna (Season 6) — “El Dorado”

Cole Vosbury and Amanda June — “Let’ Get Lost”

Curtis Grimes — “Bottom of the Fifth”

Emily Keener (Season 10) — “Elevator”

Erin Wilett — “Out of the Darkness”

Evan McKeel — “Always”

Faultlines (ground includes Ashley Morgan from Season 8) — “If You Only Knew”

Fuente (Brian Fuente) — “Water”

Hailey Steele — “Where I Thought I’d Be”

Holly Henry — “Better”

Jacquie Lee — “Somebody’s Angel”

Jake Barker — “Perfect”

Jake Barker — “Teleport”

Jake Worthington — “Just Keep Falling in Love”

James Dupree — “Stoned to Death”

The Janes (Kelly Crapa) — “Can’t Let Go”

The Janes (Kelly Crapa) — “How Do I Live”

Javier Colon — “Gravity”

Jean Kelley — “Stacking Stones”

Jonathas — “Won’t Let Go”

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Jonathas — “It’s On Me” (explicit lyric warning)

Jordan Rager — Season 2 — “Southern Boy”

Jordan Smith — “Stand in the Light”

Josh Kaufman (Season 6) — “Truth Be Told”

Keith Semple — “Anytime Anywhere”

Kota Wade (Season 9) — “Haunt Me”

Kota Wade and Summer Schappell (both Season 9) — “Force to be Reckoned With”

Lily Elise — “I Don’t Know Why”

Lindsay Bruce (Season 6) — “World Lit Up by You”

Luke Wade (Season 7) — “Three Days”

Melanie Martinez (Season 3) — “Pacify Her”

Melanie Martinez (Season 3) — “Alphabet Boy” (Explicit lyric warning)

Melanie Martinez (Season 3) — “Cry Baby” (Explicit lyric warning)

Melanie Martinez (Season 3) — “Tag You’re It” / “Milk and Cookies” double feature

Melanie Martinez (Season 4) — “Mr. Potato Head”

Michael Lynch (Season 5) — “Come Back Home”

Michael Schiavo (Season 10) — “Without You”

Nadjah Nicole — “Bubblegum”

Nadjah Nicole — “King Son”

RaeLynn (Season 2) — “Love Triangle”

Sarah Simmons — “Honey, I’m Fine”

Sarah Simmons — “Staring at the Sun”

Sawyer Fredericks (Season 8) — “Take It All”

Siahna Im (Season 9) — “Warrior”

South Haven (Nicolette Mare, Season 8) — “Firestarters”

2Steel Girls — “Red White and Blue Girls”

Vedo (Season 4) “In My Feelings”

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