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Dana Harper, from The Voice Season 11, has released her first music since the show

Dana Harper, from The Voice Season 11, has released her first music since the show.

Dana Harper recently released her first single since appearing on Season 11 of The Voice back in the fall of 2016.

It’s a creative mix of R&B and old-time pop called “Ice Cream.” And it won’t be her last new music, judging from her social media.

“It has been a long time coming for me to share new music with everyone,” she writes on Facebook, “and I appreciate you all for rocking with me, new and old supporters!”

“This EPp is shaping up to be pretty cute, y’all. Sit tight; it’s almost done cooking!”

Dana, daughter of former NBA player Derek Harper, finished Top 20 on Season 11.

We also have new music from …

Austin Jenckes from Season 5 released the rocking “Never Left Memphis,” the third song from his upcoming album. Writes Austin on Instagram: “Sometimes you have an hour left in the studio and instead of calling it a day you go for one more. Thanks to the band and @aaroneshuis for rolling with the punches and making this one of my favorites on the record. Hope we made Elvis and BB proud.” The album, “If You Grew Up Like I Did” is due May 31 and pre-orders are under way.

Gigi Rich released her second single this year, “Don’t Give Up on Me.” She writes of the ballad: “It’s a special song that I’ve kept to myself for too long. I’m excited, but also a little nervous to share.” Gigi is the stage name adopted by Gianna Salvato from Season 7. And her post-Voice music screams “we should have seen more of her on the show.”

Will Champlin released a new EP called “Chasing Fire” earlier this year. Now he’s dropped a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Part-Time Lover.” Will was the third-place finisher on The Voice Season 5. The best news for Will fans: “More and more music coming your way,” he writes on Instagram.

Brian Scartocci admits he can’t stop wars or give sight to the blind with his music, but he can deliver “Sweet Funky Nonsense.” Which of course, happens to be the name of his new single, the third he’s released in the past year. Those mark the first solo music released by the former front man for the Austin Heat since he competed on The Voice Season 3.

Nelson Emokpae, better known as Nelly’s Echo, made a pledge to release a song and video every month of 2019. So far, he’s right on schedule, releasing “Hallelujah, Remember My Name” this month. He describes the song as “a modern day prayer of the sinner nailed to the cross next to Jesus as chronicled in Luke 23 vs 41-43. It is my prayer, as I too deserve the cross, but thank God for his grace and mercy.” Oh, and congrats to Nelson, who just got married.

Following the song links above will take you to Apple Music versions of the songs. For all the 2019 post-Voice releases, head here. Spotify snippets of the new releases are below and include the new single from Season 2 finalist Chris Mann.

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