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Dwight & Nicole drop new single, announce EP release date


Dwight and Nicole plan to release an EP on New Year's Day.

Dwight and Nicole plan to release an EP on New Year’s Day.

We’ve gotten a steady stream of new music from past contestants from The Voice in 2017.

And Dwight & Nicole are going to ensure that trend continues into the new year.

The Boston-based blues-rock-soul trio has announced plans to release their new EP, “Electric Lights,” on New Year’s Day.

Meanwhile, they just released “Hi-Lo,” the second single from the EP, and are preparing the accompanying music video.

Dwight & Nicole consists of Nicole Nelson, a Season 3 contestant on The Voice, pre-show collaborator Dwight Ritcher and drummer Ezra Oklan.

You can check out the new single below. This weekend, Dwight & Nicole are donating 100 percent of the proceeds from sales to the ACLU.

They’ll also be featured at a Boston Stands with the ACLU show tonight (Nov. 18) in Cambridge, Mass.

You can find out more about that show and the band through their website and Facebook page.

“Hi-Lo” is the second song released from “Electric Lights.” “Wait,” featuring Nicole on vocals, dropped over the summer.

“Electric Lights” will be the first major release for “Dwight & Nicole” since 2016’s “The Rear Windows Session.”

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