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Fans rave over new album from Sawyer Fredericks

Frederick Sawyer, The Voice Season 8 champ, released his fourth full-length album on Friday

Frederick Sawyer, The Voice Season 8 champ, released his fourth full-length album on Friday.


In a Billboard interview about his new album, Sawyer Fredericks said he really didn’t give much thought to pushing back the release date, although there’s no telling when he’ll be able to hit the road to support the new music.

“We’re just trying to make the very best out of it, make videos for people (to watch) while they’re at home and stuff like that,” he told the site.told the site.

“It’ll be fun. The shows are already canceled, so why would I cancel the album, too?”

Fans, apparently, are quite thankful he didn’t.

“Flowers for You,” 12 songs strong, Sawyer’s fourth album, dropped Friday.

Among the fan reaction on Facebook …

Emma Freckelton: “Great album. Really brightened up the darkness in the world.”

Sandra Tobar: “Thank you so much for giving us this special gift for quarantine 😅❤ your álbum is a spark in these days of chaos.”

Alissa Dawn Malcolm-Chesney: “Soaking it up today. You’re always on top of it Sawyer! Great job man.”

Nellie Ruela: “HELLO HELLO from a Health Care Facility in GREEN BAY Wisconsin !!! Keep up the good work Sawyer!

Holly Busch: “What an amazing way to end our week. God bless you Sawyer.”

Oh, and the album also landed at the top of the Apple Music singer-songwriter albums chart upon its release.

The album is the fourth for Sawyer, now 21, and his third since The Voice, following “A Good Storm” (2016) and “Hide Your Ghost” (2018).

Sawyer said he had a definite goal this time around.

“I wanted to feature the band more on this one,” he told Billboard. “I feel my last album was mainly focused on myself and more emotional lyrics.

“This time I wanted to get more rock tunes on there and show some of my blues roots. It conveys a little more how we perform when we’re live. We have a lot of rockin’ tunes when we’re live.”

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