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Five singers nab final spots on The Voice Season 12


Vanessa Ferguson listens to feedback from The Voice coaches following her Season 12 blind audition. (NBC Photo)

Vanessa Ferguson listens to feedback from The Voice coaches following her Season 12 blind audition. (NBC Photo)

Just five spots remain on Season 12 of The Voice, and tonight we’ll meet the singers who claim those spots.

There’s just one spot left on Team Blake, Team Gwen and Team Adam. Alicia Keys needs two more artists to complete her team.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to learn more about the contestants from the first and second weeks of blind auditions, head here.

I’ve posted profiles for each artist, complete with information about music they’ve already released.

Profiles for the artists we meet this week will be coming soon.

* Vanessa Ferguson, 31, Greensboro, N.C.: She says she’s been performing since she was 3. She was born in Brooklyn and was raised by her grandmother. That grandmother put her in piano at age 5. When Alicia Keys made it big, she says everyone wanted her to sit down at the keyboard and imitate Alicia. She’s also toured with the BB King All Stars. She’ll audition with “Don’t Let Me Down” by the Chainsmokers. When she hits the chorus, both Gwen and Alicia turn around. Blake eventually joins them. Vanessa belts out a heck of a glory note near the end of the performance, but it isn’t enough to entice Adam to join the other three. Alicia loved the way Vanessa put her own spin on the audition song. Gwen liked the confidence in her performance. Vanessa joins Team Alicia.

Dawson Coyle, 17, Williamstown, N.J. He’s been home-school since early in his childhood and went to a co-op where he was introduced to music. He took a 10-week guitar course and fell in love with music. A fire destroyed his family’s home last year. The church community rallied to replaced his musical equipment. Dawson is auditioning with NEEDTOBREATHE’S “Happiness.” Near the end of the performance, Blake turns around. That means Dawson will complete his team. Blake liked the passion in Dawson’s performance.

Jozy Bernadette: Her father played in the NBA. In high school, she won a singing competition and thought that perhaps music was a realistic goal. She performs at weddings and helps others find their dream jobs. She says she’s ready for hers — as a performer. She’ll audition with “American Woman” by The Guess Who. Jozy has a nice tone, but this song needs to be grittier. Nevertheless, the performance entices late chair turns from Adam and Gwen. Adam likes the power in Jozy’s voice. Jozy decides to join Team Gwen, completing her team.

Stephen Borris, 32, Arlington, Ill.: He’s from a small town in Illinois. He and his dad brew craft beer together. Growing up, Stephen says there was always a guitar in the house. No Doubt and Gwen Stefani was one of his favorites. He’s a full-time musician. He’ll audition with “Everything Will be Alright.” No one turns, despite a pretty impressive performance.

Adam Levine landed the country singer he's been searching for when Sheena Brook auditioned for Season 12 of The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Adam Levine landed the country singer he’s been searching for when Sheena Brook auditioned for Season 12 of The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Sheena Brook, 33, Fort Myers Beach, Fla.: Sheena says she grew up singing country but also has performed rock and rap. She performs at a beach town in Florida. Though she’s performed in several different genres, she says she still loves country music and wants to show she’s better than a beach bar. She’s singing “Baby Girl” by Sugarland. Her opening prompts a chair turn from Adam. And Alicia doesn’t turn, so it appears as though Adam has landed himself a country singer. Adam says Sheena’s voice is incredible.

Chris Blue, 26, Knoxville, Tenn.: He’s the last in a family of seven children. His mom Janice put Chris and his four brothers in a group called the Blue Brothers. They performed up through when Chris was in high school and still do occasionally. He’s now trying to step out on his own as a solo artist. He’s singing “Tracks of My Tears: by Smokey Robinson. Hey, Chris has a great voice. Alicia clearly recognizes it. And Chris lands the final spot on Season 12.

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