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Jacquie Roar snags save and final spot in finale on The Voice

Jacquie Roar of Team Reba earned the instant save Tuesday night on The Voice, making it to the season finale as a result. (NBC Photo)

Jacquie Roar of Team Reba earned the instant save Tuesday night on The Voice, making it to the season finale as a result. (NBC Photo)


With her Voice fate on the line, you could see Jacquie Roar physically summon all the vocal firepower she could muster.

Then she went big — very big — while performing Heart’s “Alone” for an instant save and the final spot in next week’s Voice Season 24 finale.

It worked.

Jacquie got the save and will now join Team Niall’s Huntley and Mara Justine, Team Legend’s Lila Forde and her Team Reba pal Ruby Leigh in the quest for the Season 24 title.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I’m a Nini Iris fan and was really hoping Team Niall would advance to the finals intact.

But Jacquie — and Team Gwen’s Bias — were so good in the high-pressure save situation Tuesday night, that it’s impossible to be upset with the outcome.

Here’s how Voice Views graded those save performances.

Nini Iris (Team Niall), “Mad World” — Go, Nini. I almost wish she had performed this last night. There’s such a richness to her voice. And you just knew the big ending was coming. It sure did. Niall called her a “real deal artist.” That’s for sure. Grade: A–

Bias (Team Gwen), “Go Rest High on That Mountain” — His opening is already much better than his vocal last night. And this is turning into Bias’s best performance yet on the show. Great song choice, extremely well done. That could very well earn the save. Grade: A–

Jacquie Roar (Team Reba), “Alone” — Wow, the save song choices are better than the songs the artists performed last night. Jacquie’s vocal seems just a tad off tonight. Okay, no more than I write that, she goes big. Very, very big. Talk about vocal firepower. That’s the definition of a save performance with one heck of a glory note near the end. Grade: B+

Jordan Rainer (Team Reba), “I Don’t Dance” — To my ears, Jordan sounds better on this than she did on “Ol’ Red” last night. Still, it’s sorta a low-impact song for the situation. And she straining a bit on the big notes. She doesn’t quite have the vocal power Jacquie or Nini bring to the stage. Grade: B–

Mac Royals (Team John), “I Want to Know” — Wonder if the pressure of the situation is getting to him a bit, because this vocal doesn’t seem as smooth or assure as most of his Voice efforts. Then he begins oversinging a bit near the end. Considering the strength of the first three performances we heard, that wasn’t save worthy. Grade: B–

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