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Voice viewers pick five Season 24 finalists

Ruby Leigh, Bias and Jordan Rainer perform Taylor Swift's 'Mean' Monday night on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Ruby Leigh, Bias and Jordan Rainer perform Taylor Swift’s ‘Mean’ Monday night on The Voice. (NBC Photo)


Who’s in danger tonight on The Voice?

I posed that question last week and accompanied it by a list of the post popular Monday night performances based on YouTube views.

As it turned out, four of the five singers at the bottom of the list — Jordan Rainer, Tanner Massey, AZAN and Kara Tenae — wound up as the lowest vote-getters.

So let’s take a look at YouTube views as of 5 p.m. Tuesday.

1. Nini Iris, “No Time to Die” — 156,328
2. Mara Justine, “Parachute” — 115,328
3. Lila Forde, “River” — 114,243
4. Ruby Leigh, “Country Roads” — 101,494
5. Huntley, “Way Down We Go” — 87,798
6. Jordan Rainer, “Ol’ Red” — 68,877
7. Mac Royals, “Love TKO” — 64,751
8. Jacquie Roar, “Alive” — 58,426
9. Bias, “God Bless the Broken Road” — 53,181

Nini Iris is on top for a second straight week, though I suspect her number is inflated a bit by views from her hometown country of Georgia.

I’m a bit surprised to see Ruby Leigh as high as she is based on last night’s performance. But I also knew she arrived at the show with an already established fan base.

And I’m a bit surprised to see Huntley as low as he in, because he turned in one of Monday’s most impressive performances. I’ll be shocked if he has to sing for a save.

The four singers at the bottom of the list don’t surprise me in the least. My guess is all four had better dust off their save song.

Tonight, the top four vote-getters will automatically advance to next week’s finale.

The bottom five will have to sing for an instant save in hopes of landing the last spot in next week’s finale.

When it comes to that save, keep a close eye on Lila Forde and Jacquie Roar. Both have hometowns in the Pacific Time Zone.

And West Coast contestants are at a huge disadvantage when competing for a save on East Coat time because the show won’t air there for another three hours.

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Moving on to the finals are:

Lila Forde (Team Legend)
Huntley (Team Niall)
Ruby Leigh (Team Reba)
Mara Justine (Team Niall)

That left Nini Iris of Team Niall, Bias of Team Gwen and Jordan Rainer and Jacquie Roar of Team Reba vying for the instant save.

And Nini Iris, Jacquie Roar and Bias turned in excellent save performances. Jordan Rainer and Mac Royals, not so much.

And the save went to … Jacquie Roar.

That means the elimination of Bias, Nini Iris (boo!), Mac Royals and Jordan Rainer.

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  1. Evelyn delay December 14, 2023 at 6:32 am -  Reply

    Someone is quit biased for Nails team. I agree with Bias elimination. He was entertaining but doesn’t’t have the voice many others do. Jordan is very good but not what a lot of country voters like. I personally like Reba’s team better than Nials. There is something unlikable with Nini. Can’t put my finger on it but she lacks likability. I also find Huntley a bit unlikable. I’m afraid he is going to swallow his Mike! I think letting fans pick songs was detrimental in the semifinals. Most did not give their best performance.

    • Mark Franklin December 14, 2023 at 7:53 pm -  Reply

      If you think Nini is unlikeable, please check out the farewell video where she makes a special point of asking everyone to “be kind” to everyone who made it through because she loves them all and is rooting for them. Class act!

  2. TiredofTripe December 14, 2023 at 5:28 pm -  Reply

    TPTB are often to blame for “fan choices.”

    Often what gets selected song wise is either out of the contestant’s wheelhouse or has been covered better on”American Idol.”

  3. Idol Girl December 14, 2023 at 6:20 pm -  Reply

    Overall, I’m pretty satisfied with the final 5.

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