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Josh Gallagher talks about his 1st single since The Voice


Josh Gallagher has released his post-Voice debut single.

Josh Gallagher has released his post-Voice debut single.

Josh Gallagher recently released his first single since The Voice.

And “How Bout You” makes for a great reintroduction to the country singer who advanced all the way to the finals on Season 11 of The Voice.

Fans must have thought so to. They vaulted the independently-released song into the Top 100 on iTunes country singles when it was released.

Josh wrote the song with Will Duvall and Mark Addison Chandler.

“‘How Bout You’ is a song that just about everyone can relate to and that’s why I wanted it to be my newest single,” said Josh, who released a pair of singles — “We Always Had” and “Ain’t No Angels” — before his run on The voice.

“At the ground level it’s a very simple idea, but the way it’s written gives it a dynamic that is very unique. It’s very much about a breakup but not your typical breakup song.

“‘How Bout You'” is about putting on a front when the truth is, on the inside, you’re having a hard time dealing with the breakup that just happened.”

Josh told Voice Views more music is on the way, including a late spring or early summer EP.

“There’s a lot of good music we have recorded,” he said. “We just gotta figure out which ones we love the most.”

In the meantime, fans can follow Josh through his website and Facebook page. On Twitter, he’s @joshgallmusic.

Josh was 25 when he auditioned for The Voice and landed a spot on Team Blake Shelton. But he needed an Adam Levine steal to make it to the finals. You can watch most of his Voice performances here.

Here’s “How Bout You.”

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