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Korin Bukowski talks about her new single, ‘Chasing Colors’


Korin Bukowski is about to release her new single, Chasing Colors.Korin Bukowski released her new single Friday.

And folks who remember the engaging 22-year-old from Season 9 of The Voice won’t be surprised by the message behind the song.

After all, Korin is the young lady who introduced herself to us on the show with the greeting, “Hello, earthlings.”

The new song is called “Chasing Colors;” Korin co-wrote it with Season 9 Team Gwen colleague Tim Atlas.

“I really wanted to write a song about not conforming to the life that society leads us to believe we should have,” Korin told Voice Views.

“We don’t always need a college degree, a 9 to 5 job, or marriage to lead a happy and successful life. All these things are great. But, we are brought up to believe that these are the only ways to achieve a fruitful life, and they’re not.”

Korin said she and Tim originally thought of calling the the song “Kaleidoscope, because when you look through one, the world around you drastically changes and you’re forced to perceive things a little differently.

“With this song, I just want to encourage others to look at the world a little differently, and with amazement, similar to how a kid would,” she said. “We decided on ‘Chasing Colors’ because at the same time, we want to constantly chase and experience different things, and find beauty in it.”

The song has a personal meaning to Korin because her life has changed so drastically since The Voice.

Pre-show, she was a pre-med student at the University of Miami.

That’s before she stepped on The Voice stage, won a spot on Team Gwen, delivered a magical version of “All I Want” and attracted a fan base so large that she received two instant saves before heading home in 10th place.

She’s no longer in college, but in Los Angeles, pursuing a career in entertainment. “Chasing Colors” will be her second single since that move, following “Freakshow,” which came out in January.

“This song has a lot to do with changing the direction you thought your life would go, and accepting those changes,” Korin said of “Chasing Colors.” “I am still learning to accept that my life did not go the way I had always thought it would, but I am okay with it going the way I always dreamed it would. As someone who has always been afraid of what will happen, I”m trying to just work with what is happening in my life now.”

And, of course, Korin’s working on more new music, though nothing is definite in terms of upcoming releases.

“I’ve been taking to time figure out my sound, but I feel that with this song, I have found what I was looking for,” she said. “I would love to make a video for this song. But I will just have to wait and see what happens.”

You can follow Korin through her Facebook page. On Twitter, she’s @KorinBukowski.

Here’s “Chasing Colors.”

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