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Kyndal Inskeep talks about her blind audition on The Voice


Kyndal Inskeep performs Never Been to Spain during her blind auditiion on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Kyndal Inskeep performs Never Been to Spain during her blind audition on The Voice. (NBC Photo)

Kyndal Inskeep says a move to Nashville from Los Angeles about a year ago helped her find herself musically.

But it was a trip back to Los Angeles that brought validation of her talent, on national TV no less.

Here rendition of “Never Been to Spain” on the opening night of The Voice prompted three coaches — Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson — to turn their chairs.

And Gwen wanted Kyndal for her team so badly after hearing her sing that she blocked boyfriend Blake, eliminating his chance of landing Kyndal.

Why? Because she said she loved Kyndal’s “distinctive” vocals, something she thinks would help her “stand out on the radio.”

Kyndal, 22 and originally from Indiana, indeed opted to join Team Gwen.

Voice Views: How did you wind up auditioning for The Voice Season 17 and what prompted you to do it?

Kyndal: A very dear friend of mine encouraged me to audition. I had just moved to Nashville from Los Angeles at the time, so things were extremely hectic. (i.e. jobless, acclimating to a new environment, finding venues to play at, getting myself together, meeting people, etc.) I was inspired and took the leap to new beginnings. This entire experience has been a lifelong dream of mine and I am extremely blessed to be able to live it out.

Voice Views: Why did you choose “Never Been to Spain” for your audition song?

Kyndal: Also very symbolic of my next chapter in Nashville. Moving locations meant, a totally new approach to music. “Never Been to Spain” was one of the first songs I heard since moving to Nash and I fell in love with it. I loved those “old school,” Three Dog Night vibes.

Voice Views: Why did you decide to join Team Gwen? Did the fact that she had blocked Blake in order to land you for her team have much to do with the decision?

Kyndal: Don’t get me wrong, I love ALL of the coaches and it would have been an honor to be on any of their teams. However, Gwen had this light about her that just radiated from every corner of the room. She was so passionate about what she was saying to me and how she felt about being back on the show. I immediately felt drawn to her energy and knew I had to pick her. Gwen blocking Blake was the cherry on top and solidified everything! I’m totally stoked to learn from an absolute legend like her.

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