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Meet Alto Moon of American Idol Season 22


Alto Moon of American Idol Season 22

Alto Moon of American Idol Season 22

Alto Moon is among the artists who earned a gold ticket on Season 22 of American Idol.

Idol returned to ABC on Sunday, Feb. 18 with the coaching trio of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan back intact.

Here’s more about Alto.

* He’s an R&B and pop artist who released his second full-length album, “Supanova,” over the summer. Check out the catchy “Move,” one of the singles from that album, below.

* Alto calls the album “an unapologetic, angelic, happy, arrogant, envious, lustful, sexy, nostalgic, futuristic, look into my lil corner of the universe.”

* And it’s a pretty popular place judging from the reaction to his music. A 2019 single calls “Mars” has nearly 2 million streams on Spotify. A song called “Beautiful Mind,” released with MashBit, has more than 1 million. “Lemonz,” lead track form his 2021 album “ICON,” is approaching the 1 million mark.

* In his Spotify bio, Alto describes his music as “everything from alternative-pop and electronic-R&B straight through to bold-and-brassy soul anthems.”

* His inspirations include Prince, Donna Summer, Janet Jackson and Janelle Monae, Alto says.

* He’s been performing for years, posting a photo on Instagram last spring from “2017, when i was depressed, broke, and my whole personality was being a frank ocean fan and i first started performing around Texas solo.”

* He writes on Instagram that a turning point for him artistically came about five years ago when he decision to move from Texas to Atlanta, Ga.

* “Never once questioned it, it just felt right,” he writes. “Now I realize it was because I was coming home. Home to friends I grew up with, home to a city that shared my values, and a safe place to become Alto Moon.”

* In addition to dropping his new album, Alto enjoyed another career highlight in 2023 — playing his first show in L.A. at the Troubadour.

* Alto also has a pretty impressive social media following, with more than 21,000 followers on his TikTok.

Alto Moon on social media:

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