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Meet Ducote Talmage from The Voice Season 25


Ducote Talmage of The Voice Season 25

Ducote Talmage of The Voice Season 25

His audition: Ducote Talmage, 20, of Auburn, Alabama, performed “Sand in My Boots” by Morgan Wallen: This is a great blind audition song choice. Ducote’s version, complete with plenty of rasp, entices quick chair turns from John and from Dan + Shay. John complimented Ducote on a “cool tone” and the little scratch in his vocals, calling it “a lovely voice to listen to.” Dan says his voice sounds like he should be on country radio. Ducote opted to join Team Dan + Shay.

Here’s more about Ducote.

* Don’t let the name fool you. This young man is a country singer from Auburn, Ala. He’s the youngest of five children and says music has always been part of his life.

* He’s also been a student at Auburn University, though he apparently took a semester off recently, partly to pursue his musical ambitions.

* He’s also a country singer blessed with an impressive deep tone and a touch of rasp that he puts to good use with an impassioned delivery.

* You can check that out in the original below, posted to his TikTok in the summer of 2022. Ducote does not appear to have released music at this point.

* Most of his music appears on TikTok. The first post on his page, from March 2021, is accompanied by the message: “This has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid; let’s make that dream a reality.”

* Another TikTok post from February 2022 features Ducote covering former Voice contestant Kameron Marlowe’s “Giving You Up.” The post encourages folks to tune into American Idol’s Season 20 premiere, which makes me wonder if he might have auditioned that year. Remember, that show airs just a small number of its auditions.

* Ducote seldom posts music to his Instagram, but if you want another great example of his talent, check out his cover of Larry Fleet’s “Where I Find God.”

* Ducote is also a firefighter. As he headed to The Voice stage, he said he planned to use his firefighting experience in dealing with stressful situations help him remain calm during his audition.

Ducote on social media:

@ducotetalmage decided i would finally put an original on here #fyp #ReTokforNature #music #guitar #southernrock #voiceeffects ♬ original sound – Ducote Talmage

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