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Meet Elise Kristine of American Idol Season 21


Elise Kristine of American Idol Season 21

Elise Kristine of American Idol Season 21

Elise Kristine is among the singers who auditioned for Season 21 of American Idol.

American Idol returns to ABC on Sunday, Feb. 19 for its Season 21 premiere.

Here’s a bit more about Elise.

* She’s a graduate of Issaquah High School in Washington State and lives in Orem, Utah, according to her Facebook bio.

* Elise has turned a killer voice and a great sense of humor into a TikTok with nearly 600,000 followers and more than 13 million likes.

* She recently reposted her most viral TikTok, from last spring when she graduated high school and decided to sing a song about it. “I was late to my own graduation because of it, but it was worth it!” she writes. To the tune of 15.2 million views.

* Speaking of graduation, she sang the national anthem at her school’s 2021 graduation when she was a junior.

* One of her TikTok specialities is writing humorous lyrics to well known songs, like changing “All I Want for Christmas” to “I Hate Math.”

* In another of her most popular TikTok’s — 2 million views — she mimics the sneezes of Mariah Carey, Billie Eilish, Christina Aguilar and Ariana Grande, all the while demonstrating her ability to mimic their trademark vocals.

* Elise also recently posted herself singing opera from “Phantom of the Opera.” And got a response from Andrew Lloyd Webber who wrote: “You make it look so easy.”

* You can check out Elise’s stellar vocals on streaming sites as well. She’s released covers of “At Last,” “With You,” “Rise Up” and “Silent Night.” Check out “Rise Up” below.

Elise on social media:

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    I totally think you have so much talent!

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