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Meet Jason Warrior of American Idol Season 19


Jason Warrior from American Idol Season 19

Jason Warrior from American Idol Season 19

Jason Warrior is among the artists we’ll meet on the opening night of American Idol on Sunday.

Here’s more about Jason:

* He’s a guy singing show fans might recognize since he’s already appeared on The Voice and The Four on Fox.

* Jason, 21 at the time, had a pretty memorable run on The Voice Season 11, turning two chairs with his audition performance of Stevie Wonder’s “Living for the City” and joining Team Alicia Keys. He lost in the battle and knockout rounds, but was so impressive in those performances that he was stolen by first Adam Levine, then Blake Shelton. He was eliminated in the Top 20 semifinals.

* At 22, the singer from Chicago took part in The Four on Fox fiasco, Season 1 version The issue wasn’t his singing. He put together a string of five impressive performances, winning one of the four sports on the show and defending it twice before being eliminated one week short of the finals. His cover of Sia’s “Titanium” was especially impressive.

* But after saying he wanted to be on the show to set an example for his younger brothers, Jason trash talked a foe in his second week on the show (something The Four seemed to encourage), apologized the next week, then wound up in a weird post-elimination exchange with judge Meghan Trainor that had Diddy labeling the singer “rude” and “disrespectful.” Someone called for security to escort Jason from the stage. Instead, he wound up being interviewed by host Fergie and claimed he would have won The Four if treated fairly.

* Since then, he’s released a string of secular and Christian singles — “Love Somebody” (2021), “Breaking Free” and “My God” (2020), “No One Like You,” “King” and “So Great (2019) and “Walking with You” and “Dreams” (2018). “Breaking Free” (see below) and “King” are especially impressive.

* His work in Christian music has been so impressive that Gospel Artist Entertainment named Jason one of 25 upcoming gospel artists to watch in 2021.

* Jason has previously said he grew up in a rough Chicago neighborhood; his father was in and out of jail. But it didn’t discourage him from pursuing music. As a teen Jason traveled around the world with the Chicago-based gospel group Walt Whitman and the Soul Children. And he attended Northern Illinois University on a theater scholarship.

* Writes Jason about his upcoming appearance on American Idol: “For so long it felt like no matter how many times I tried to achieve my goals, I kept getting told NO. Well here I am. #Chapter25, having experienced so much at such a young age and still fighting for my dreams. I’ve been told NO so many times, that I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t just sit around and accept it. I had some growing to do, some healing to do, and most of all, some PREPARATION to do! I had to be READY’ I pray that each of you will open your heart and receive the newly refreshed Jason Warrior.”

Jason on social media:

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