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Meet Jaxon Wayne Boardman of American Idol season 22


Jaxon Wayne Boardman of American Idol season 22

Jaxon Wayne Boardman of American Idol season 22

Jaxon Wayne Boardman is among the artists rumored to have earned a golden ticket on American Idol season 22.

Idol returns to ABC on sunday, Feb. 18 with the coaching trio of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan back intact.

Here’s moree about Jaxon.

* Jaxon Wayne Boardman is his full name, but he’s been using the stage name Jaxon Wayne.

* He’s a singer-songwriter and country artist from the Monroe, La., area.

* Jaxon released his debut single, “If I Was U” in late October, encouraging fans to “go stream the hell out of this and be ready for what’s coming next!” Check out “If I Was U” below.

* “Never in a million years would I look back a year and a half ago and think I’d be living in Nashville chasing my dreams and having a song out!” he added in social media post on release day.

* Single number two, called “Truth Is,” will drop Friday.

* And you can check out other Jaxon originals on his TikTok. In May, he posted a snippet of an original called “Heart to Heartbreak.” The co-writers on that one included former Voice contestant Jared Blake.

* While Jaxon is relatively new to Instagram, he’s been posted music videos to TikTok for more than two years. He has nearly 4,500 followers and more than 24,000 likes there.

Jaxon on social media:

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