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Meet Justice Murphy of American Idol Season 22

Justice Murphy of American Idol Season 22

Justice Murphy of American Idol Season 22


Justice Murphy is among the singers who earned a golden ticket on American Idol Season 22.

Here’s more about Justice:

* She’s 22, from Forrest City, Ark., and a senior at Alabama State University.

* She certainly didn’t shy away from a challenge during her Idol tryout, auditioning with “Summertime,” Fantasia’s signature song from Idol Season 3.

* And Justice certainly impressed the judges with her version. Luke Bryan called her performance fantastic. Katy Perry says she has star personality and sings with personality. Lionel Richie liked her confidence and poise. Luke said he’d give her 10 yes votes if he could. Of course, she breezed through to Hollywood.

* Justice attended a watch party at Alabama State for the episode in which she was featured, then posted a tribute to Fantasia, writing: “For 20 years, we’ve seen you overcome everything, but you stayed humble and of God. Congratulations. You’re such an inspiration.”

* Season 22 of Idol wasn’t Justice’s first try at a singing show. In 2018, she auditioned for American Idol. The following year, she tried out for The Voice.

* She attended Forrest City High School, where she was a member of the award-winning band program, a cheerleader and student council president.

* Writes Justice: “I am a 22 year old girl from a proverty neighborhood a small town and a loving family. I grew up with neighborhood kids who let me be me and DREAM … We are HERE. The front room tv was ALWAYS the GOAL.”

* She’s hardly a stranger to the stage, having performed in musical theater. That includes landing one of the lead roles in a local production of “Dreamgirls.”

* And in October of last year, using the shortened name J. Murph, she released a two-song R&B EP called “Do Me Justice,” featuring the songs “D-Day” and “Only You.” You’ll find it on Apple Music.

* She’s also a self-described “church girl” who says she sings in church nearly every week. She attends First Baptist Church, Greater Washington Park in Montgomery, Ala.

Justice on social media:

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