Meet Meggie Iyer of American Idol Season 22


Meggie Iyer of American Idol Season 22

Meggie Iyer of American Idol Season 22

Meggie Iyer is among the singers who earned a golden ticket on American Idol Season 22.

Here’s more about Meggie:

* She was 18 when she auditioned, she’s from Carmel, Indiana and she’s a college freshman.

* She auditioned with Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me” and breezed to the Hollywood round after earning a standing ovation from the judges. Katy Perry called her Top 10 material. Lionel Richie called her vocal choices “amazing.”

* “When Katy Perry started to stand up and clap. I think it was a huge, huge moment for me,” Meggie told her local newspaper. “I immediately started crying, and then when Lionel and Luke followed, I about lost it. Like I was so surprised and excited to have gotten that reaction from them.”

* Meggie has auditioned for Idol twice previously, but this was her first time advancing to an audition in front of Idol’s celebrity judges.

* “I’ve been dreaming about going on ‘American Idol” for practically my entire life,” she said. “I grew up watching the show.”

* Meggie is majoring in finance and accounting at Indiana University, but she’s also taking a class in music career development.

* She says she’s been singing her whole life and started auditioning for Idol as soon as she turned 15. She’s a 2023 graduate of Carmel High School.

* Meggie performed the same song during the 2023 Midtown’s Got Talent competition in Carmel and took first place in the teen division.

Meggie on social media:

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