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Meet Laela Dasher from American Idol Season 22


Laela Dasher of American Idol Season 22

Laela Dasher of American Idol Season 22

Laela Dasher is among the artists rumored to have earned a gold ticket during the American Idol Season 22 auditions.

Idol returns to ABC on Sunday, Feb. 18 wi tthe the coaching trio of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan back intact.

Here’s more about Laela.

* She’s from Monroe, La., and graduated from the Asheville Christian Academy in North Carolina in 2022.

* She’s also a college student in Nashville and a newlywed, having married high school sweetheart Dawson Skinner on Dec. 31.

* Musically, she’s part of LO (Live Original) Workship, a Christian music and worship group founded by her cousin Sadie Robertson Huff.

* You might say LO Worship has enjoyed some musical success. The Christian group’s 2022 EP “Steady Light” features five songs that have been streamed more than 1 million times on Spotify. A song called “Open” has 6.5 million streams alone.

* Since “Steady Light” was released, LO Worship has followed up with two live albums and an album of seven new songs, “Holy in My Heart,” released in September.

* The title track from that album and a 2023 single called “Presence” each have more than 400,000 streams on Spotify.

* On Spotify, LO worship is described as “a collective of friends, crafting lyrics and melodies that echo the sound of revival in our generation, for our generation.” Says Sadie: “People won’t remember a 40-minute sermon, but they will remember a 4-minute song.”

* Laela grew up performing music with her brother Max and also got to release music they worked on as part of a summer residency hosted by The Worship Intiative. That music appears on an album called “Psalms from the Wells,” which was released in November.

* Laela confesses about struggling with “crippling perfectionism that bleeds into every aspect of my creativity” and writes about it in the September-October issue of Grateful Girl Magazine.

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