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Meet Lisa Ramey of The Voice Season 16


Lisa Ramey of New York earned a spot on Team John Legend for The Voice Season 16. (NBC Photo)

Lisa Ramey of New York earned a spot on Team John Legend for The Voice Season 16. (NBC Photo)

Her audition: Lisa Ramey, 33, of New York auditioned with “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon, displaying great range and a nice growl in her voice. It took a while, but her big vocals enticed a turn from John Legend near the end of the performance. Since he was the only coach to turn, Lisa automatically became a member of Team Legend.

More about Lisa:

* She had auditioned for Season 15, singing “Beautiful Trauma” by Pink. But she failed to turn a chair. By the time she auditioned, Adam Levine’s team was already full and so was the comeback stage.

* Lisa took that setback in stride, writing on Facebook: “My dreams are coming true! I got to sing for soooo many ppl watchin @nbcthevoice last night!!! So the chairs didn’t turn … it sucks, but i’m extremely happy. I tried my best and had an incredible time performing for @kellyclarkson @iamjhud @adamlevine and @blakeshelton.”

* Lisa has been singing since she was nine. She spent five years fronting Sugarbad, a New York funk-soul group that toured Italy and played at the Lincoln Center and the Rockwood Music Hall.

* They also released a pair of EPs during Lisa’s time with the group — “The First Cut” in 2013 and “Up in the Clouds” in 2015.

* But Lisa said she wanted to be her own artist, so she started writing “sexy feel-good pop songs with a heavy ’90s R&B influence” for her debut solo project. That landed as a five-song EP — “I Am … Lisa Ramey” — in October, around the same time her Voice audition aired.

* It’s an impressive collection, with “Hymn” and “Clear Your Mind” as the standout tracks you should check out. I’ve embedded a live performance of “Hymn” below.

* As for returning to The Voice, here’s what Lisa told Voice Views: “It was easier in the sense that I had already had the worst outcome so there wasn’t much to fear. At the same time, it was harder because I had to be better than I was before to hopefully turn a chair. Both times I was super freaked out!!”

* This time around, the chair turn came so late, Lisa said she wasn’t sure she had made the show. “I try VERY HARD not to pay attention to those chairs,” she told Voice Views.” I aim to focus on my performance and the energy of the crowd. I love getting caught up in a song. But it took forever for a chair turn. It took so long that I didn’t think I got a turn. I had given up and was accepting my sad fait when BOOM! I see John’s face looking at my face. I was shocked! I’ll never forget that moment.”

* And she says she couldn’t be happier with the outcome. ” If I had to do it all over again, public humiliation and all, I would to get to Team Legend. He is the perfect coach. He seems to have his foot in just about every aspect of the entertainment world. John has the most incredible energy and vibe. He makes me want to be the greatest singer in the world. He really believes in his team and it feels awesome knowing this. He is immeasurable. I didn’t expect him to glow — hahaha, I swear the man glows. He’s that person you just want to stand close to in hopes to catch some of that good energy. I’m beyond grateful and so HAPPY!!!!”

On social media:
Twitter: @lisarameymusic

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  1. Lisa Ramey February 8, 2019 at 3:23 pm -  Reply


    What a surprise to see this today!!! You are making me look great 🙂 Thank you so much! I LOVE how you attached one of my favorite (can I say that) original songs, Hymn. You are AWESOME!!!


    • Mark Franklin February 8, 2019 at 7:13 pm -  Reply

      You’re welcome. Best of luck on the show!

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