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Meet Trey Rose of The Voice Season 16


Trey Rose earned a spot on Team Adam Levine for The Voice Season 16. (NBC Photo)

Trey Rose earned a spot on Team Adam Levine for The Voice Season 16. (NBC Photo)

His audition: Trey Rose, 26, of Hugo, Oklahoma, performed “Wake Me Up” by Avicii. He got a quick chair turn from Adam. A big ending prompted a chair turn from Blake as well. Trey decided to join Team Adam Levine.

About Trey:

* Now based in Paris, Texas, the singer-songwriter was born in Oklahoma and grew up musically inspired by the likes of Matchbox Twenty, Counting Crows, and Gavin Degraw, according to his bio on

* Trey said his father didn’t hear him sing until he was 17. He took him to an open mic night and the bar owner was so impressed he had Trey sing for the rest of the night.

* He formed his first band, East of Azle in 2012, toured with the group, but left in 2014 to focus on his own music. He released his debut EP, a four-song, self-titled project, in May. You can check out an acoustic version of “Somethin’ Special” below.

* And he admits to balking in the past at the notion of being labeled a country artist because of his Texas roots. “For so long, people would try to label me … a country artist,” he said in an interview with ABC25 in central Texas. “I fought that so hard. Honestly, I think I lost a lot of opportunities and it really set me back. Now I at a point where, ‘I don’t care what you call it. As long as you’re into it and I’m happy with the way it sounds, call it whatever you want.’ I’m me. Just Trey.”

* Trey Rose, by the way, is a shortened stage name for Trey Rosenthal. He has two children and admitted to The Voice that he’s struggled at times as a single father and musician. He credits his girlfriend for helping hold down the home front when he travels to perform.

* As for why he auditioned for The Voice, Trey told Voice Views: ” Honestly I was just tired of playing the same places night after night, and not getting to play my own stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love, and appreciate so much what those places have done for me. I just thought the show would give me a better shot at my dream.”

* Trey said he chose “Wake Me Up” because he’s a big fan of Aloe Blacc, who co-wrote the song, and Avicii, who performed it. “I thought it would be really cool to have people hear his music on that stage again. I really hope I paid enough homage to the guy.”

* As for choosing Team Adam, Trey told Voice Views: “Of every coach that’s ever been on this show, I feel like stylistically and music wise I’m most similar to Adam Levine. I just feel like I have so much to learn from they guy. Don’t get me wrong, I think telling the Blake Shelton no was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.”

On social media:
Twitter: @TheTreyRose

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