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Meet Nick Merico of American Idol Season 18


Nick Merico is returning for a second try at American Idol in Season 18

Nick Merico is returning for a second try at American Idol in Season 18

American Idol Season 18 is rapidly approaching. In fact, the show premieres Sunday, Feb. 16.

And among the Season 17 auditioners returning is Nick Merico.

Here’s more about Nick:

* He auditioned for Season 17, playing piano and singing Amy Winehouse’s “Back in Black,” showing off range that drew raves reviews from the Idol judges and earned a unanimous golden ticket to Hollywood.

* To that point, most of Nick’s professional experience was as an actor, but he told the judges that “music is what I really wanted to do, and that’s where my soul lies.”

* Unfortunately, Nick said he had to drop out of American Idol Season 17 because of a family situation. He made that announcement during an interview with the Colt Show.

* On the bright side, he said he was signed to a record label and working on new music. To date, none of that music has been released.

* Nick was 22, from Florida and living in L.A. at the time of his audition. He just turned 24, according to his Instagram account.

* As for that acting experience — between 2014 and 2015, he appeared on more than 80 episodes of Nickelodeon’s “Every Witch Way.” He played swim team champion Daniel Miller, the object of affection of two witches, Emma (Paola Andino) and Maddie (Paris Smith).

* Between 2013 and 2018, Nick released five singles that are available on streaming sites. The earliest, “I Won’t Let You Go,” has more than 800,000 streams on Spotify. The latest, “Save Your Love” from March 2018, has more than 100,000.

* And he has quite a fan base, including more than 60,000 followers on Twitter and more than 218,000 on Instagram.

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