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Meet Roman Collins of American Idol Season 22


Roman Collins of American Idol Season 22

Roman Collins of American Idol Season 22

Roman Collins is among the artists to earn a golden ticket on American Idol season 22.

Idol returned to ABC on sunday, Feb. 18 with the coaching trio of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan back intact.

Here’s more about Roman.

* He’s a 24-year-old gospel singer from Natchitoches, La., who now lives in L.A., according to his Facebook page.

* In December, he released a gospel single call “Make It In” with Jewshelle Brown. The live version is more than seven minutes long.

* “We’ve worked so hard to get this out so I pray it blesses you and reminds you that this crazy world is not our home, Heaven is our home,” Roman writes on social media.

* That’s the latest of several songs he released, beginning with a collaborative single called “State of Emergency” in 2020.

* He followed up with an EP featuring five tracks in 2022 and another 2023 single, “For My Good.” The EP’s title track, “Champion’s Cry,” is a song “the Lord gave me … when I was 16 years old, and it’s finally time,” he said.

* Roman recorded his first music video, for a song called “Strong Tower” in late 2022. You can check it out below. “The Lord gave me this vision some months ago of me bridging the gap with this sound and he connected me with great people to bring it to life, I’m so blessed,” he wrote at the time.

* And more music is coming. Promoting it as “same gospel/new sound,” Roman says on Instagram that he’ll have an album out in 2024. Update: Roman released that album, called “same Gospel, New sound” on March 13. It features 13 live tracks and nearly an hour and a half of music.

* Roman is also director of the gospel choir at Biola University in La Mirada, Calif., near L.A. It’s a job he just started in October.

Roman on social media:

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