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Meet Ronnie Wilson of The Voice Season 25


Ronnie WIlson of The Voice Season 25

Ronnie WIlson of The Voice Season 25

His audition: Ronnie Wilson, 28, of Atlanta, Ga., performed “Pillowtalk” by ZAYN. Ronnie’s delivered a frill-filled performance. He got an early chair turn from John. And when he started hitting some high notes, Reba turned her chair as well. Dan complimented him on a beautiful voice. Reba says Ronnie has a quality in his voice “that just makes a person feel good.” John complimented him on his fresh taste and making the song his own. Ronnie decided to join Team Legend.

Here’s more about Ronnie:

* His real name is Ronnie Little and he’s now 29, from Liberty, S.C., but living in Atlanta. He makes his living as an accountant.

* And he told The Voice he lives something of a double life. Ronnie Little is a young man who makes his living as an accountant. Ronnie Wilson is his stage name as a fun-loving singer.

* Ronnie grew up in a musical family in a small, rural town in South Carolina, according to a 2021 interview with Voyage Atlanta.

* His mother was a choir director at a local church, so that’s where Ronnie was first introduced to music. He says he performed his first solo in church around age 5.

* After graduating from the University of Tennessee Knoxville, his job took him to the Midwest.

* While there, Ronnie says he got experience working as a background singer for a gospel recording artist.

* Ronnie doesn’t appear to have released original music yet, but said in the 2021 interview that he was working toward that goal.

* He also said he’s studied various genres of music — from rock to country to gospel — and they’re all reflected in the musical choices he makes as a singer.

* “What sets me apart from others is that I have a true love and appreciation for music,” he told Voyage Atlanta. “I’m not doing this for money, but because I believe it’s my purpose in life. Singing brings me joy and makes me feel whole.”

* And as a gay black male who’s active in church, Ronnie told The Voice he “hopes to inspire others to be themselves in the best possible way.”

* Ronnie’s developed quite a following on TikTok, where he has 107,000 followrs and 3.3 million likes. He posts a combination of singing and humorous videos there.

Ronnie on social media:

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