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Meet Sorelle of The Voice Season 23


Sorellé -- (from left) Madi Heichel, Bella Heichel and Ana Heichel -- from The Voice Season 23

Sorellé — (from left) Madi Heichel, Bella Heichel and Ana Heichel — from The Voice Season 23

A sister trio named Sorellé is among the acts to announce they have auditioned for Season 23 of The Voice.

The Voice returns to NBC on Monday.

Here’s more about Sorellé.

* The trio includes sisters Madi Heichel, Ana Heichel and Bella Heichel. They were 20, 18 and 13, respectively, when interviewed by the Mansfield News Journel in February 2021.

* As for the group’s name, their website notes that sorellé means sisters in Italian. “We are very proud of our Italian roots, so when we heard the name, we knew it was perfect for us,” they write.

* And they’ve got a big head start on the way to their goal of becoming pop stars. To the tune of 3.2 million followers and more than 77 million likes on their TikTok.

* The trio has also released eight singles dating back to early 2021. And their latest — “Mr. ReLIEablle” — might be their best yet. Released in July 22, it’s an incredibly catchy tune. You can check out the music video below.

* “This song is about someone who preached being this perfect boyfriend, trustworthy, honest. But only ended up being a liar. The more they lied, the messier your life became,” Sorellé explains in the description of the video on YouTube.

* The trio has already enjoyed a number of big breaks musically. The first came when they filmed a cover of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass.” Meghan liked it and it went viral.

* Madi also recalls a day in September 2012 when the sisters decided to audition to sing the national anthem at the Cleveland Cavaliers home opener. Six hundred people auditioned, so they had to wait in line for five hours. But they wound up being selected for the honor.

* Another break came in 2019 when they appeared on the Nickelodeon show “America’s Most Musical Family” as the Heichel Sisters. In fact, that’s how a duo became a trio, Bella recalls on the group’s website.

* When Madi and Ana were being interviewed for the show, they mentioned they had a younger sister who sang with them occasionally. Producers wanted a clip of all three singing together. “To my surprise, producers loved me,” Bella says. “My first ever performance with my sistes was on national TV in front of a live audience.”

* If that marked Bella’s first big performance, Madi and Ana were already used to appearing before crowds. Both competed in pageants and singing competitions growing up. Madi was Miss Ohio’s Outstanding Teen in 2016. Ana won the same pageant two years later.

* And music was vitally important to Ana growing up. At age 8, she was diagnosed with ADHD/ADD, high anxiety and a speech impediment, she shares on the group’s website. “Music has always been a magical, mysterious force to calm my brain, body, and emotions.”

* The trio gleefully announced their upcoming appearance on NBC on TikTok in mid-February. Says Ana: “A lot of you have been thinking, ‘Did they quit music? Why did you stop singing?'” A few happy screams later, Bella delivers the news that they auditioned for The Voice.

Sorellé on social media:

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