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New music from Moriah Formica, Beat Frequency and more

  • Moriah Formica of The Voice Season 13
    Moriah Formica of The Voice Season 13


Here’s a look at some of the new music released recently by former contestants from The Voice.

Among those releasing music you can rock out to are Moriah Formica, Beat Frequency, Kat Perkins and Sophia Urista with Brass Against.

The links take you to the singles on Apple Music. And you can check out snippets of all the songs below.

* Moriah Formica, who made it to the Top 20 on Season 13 of The Voice at age 16 and to the Top 40 on last year’s American Idol, released a new single called “I Hate.” It’s probably the most rocking song yet from the 18-year-old lady rocker. The song’s about a relationship gone south, but Moriah celebrated with a social media countdown of seven things she hates, including cilantro and the color yellow.

* Beat Frequencyy from Season 3 released a new 10-song album called “The Winner” earlier this month. You’re forgiven if you’re asking “who?” Beat Frequency is the duo/couple of Natasha Neuschwander and Shawn Lewis, and this marks their first major release since early 2013. They specialize in throwback, electro pop-rock, and they pull it off quite effectively here. I’ve included my favorite song from the album, “No Tomorrow,” in the playlist below. They’re sharing the story behind the album is a series of Bedroom Story videos on Facebook.

* Kat Perkins from Season 6, recorded a song called “The House the Love Built” in conjunction with the Ronald McDonald House. And the lady rocker is donating all proceeds from the song to charity. Kat finished Top 5 on The Voice and has already announced her annual Christmas concert, set for Dec. 9. Don’t rush the holidays, Kat!

* Sophia Urista from Season 11 is the featured singer on a new cover single by New York-based band Brass Against. This time they’ve done the Tool tune “Forty Six & 2,” quite well, of course. They’ve also announced a bunch of upcoming shows, including February dates in Baltimore and D.C. Sophia recently completed a run as Dusty Moonboots in a Vegas show called “Opium.”

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