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The Voice has 4 finalists; Koryn Hawthorne earns a save


India Carney performs The Earth Song on The Voice Monday night. (NBC Photo)

India Carney performs The Earth Song on The Voice Monday night. (NBC Photo)

Those hometown visits must have been every bit as inspirational as they looked, because the Top 5 on The Voice were on fire during the second half of Monday’s show.

I mean, it’s been a while since I’ve seen back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back performances that good on a televised singing show.

And that singers were rewarded for their efforts on iTunes, to the tune of three numbers ones on the genre charts and nine of 10 songs from last night in the Top 50 on the overall singles chart.

If you’ve missed where the Top 5 landed on the charts, head here. And you can go here to review the song by song grades from last night.

But what does it all mean tonight, when the final four are unveiled?

Here’s my best guess.

Not a care in the world: A Season 8 finals on The Voice without Sawyer Fredericks? Not a chance. All seven songs he has performed in the finals have landed in the iTunes Top 10, and this week was his best yet with “A Thousand Years” at number two and “For What It’s Worth” at number three.

Pretty sure bet: “Amazing Grace” last week; “Tennessee Whiskey” this week. Blake Shelton might pretend to be a country bumpkin, but he knows how to push the right buttons with Voice voters, especially when he has someone as talented and versatile as Meghan.

Likely to be voted through: Joshua Davis just missed the iTunes Top 10 with “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” which would have made him more of a shoo-in to advance. Funny, I far preferred his second performance (“When I Paint My Masterpiece”), which didn’t do nearly as well on the charts.

Headed for the bottom two: Two songs in the Top 40 on iTunes isn’t bad, but India Carney deserved better considering how great “The Earth Song” turned out. Of course, the same could be said of Koryn Hawthorne’s performance of “Oh, May, Don’t You Weep,” though it did top the Christian chart. I fear they’ll be singing for tonight’s save.

Likely to be saved: India has amassed a veritable Twitter army over the past two weeks. Here’s guessing they come to her rescue again, giving each Voice coach a singer in the finals.

Of course, we’ll have music happening that has nothing to do with results, starting with a performance by “Walk the Moon” performing “Dance with Me.” And Snoop Dog, performing “California Roll” with Pharrell.

India, Koryn and Meghan take on “Faithfully” by Journey. And 30 seconds in, I’m reminded of how much I like the grit in Meghan’s voice. Sometimes I have trouble understanding what Koryn is singing.

And the guys — Joshua and Sawyer — will sing “Drift Away.”

The results … advancing to the finals:
* Sawyer Fredericks, Team Pharrell: Big surprise, right? Next week, he’ll be declared the winner.
* Meghan Linsey, Team Blake: Tell you what, if there wasn’t a guy named Sawyer on this show, Team Blake just might win again.
Joshua David, Team Adam: Really wasn’t certain he would get that third spot. Just a hunch based on how well he’s been doing on iTunes.

Needing the instant save …
* India Carney, Team Christina: Yep, she’s in the bottom two again. No Voice singer has ever received three straight instant saves.
Koryn Hawthorne, Team Pharrell: And she’ll have to sing for the instant save along with India.

Save performances

India Carney: She’ll sing “Dark Side” by Kelly Clarkson. That first verse was a little shaky, but India shows off her vocal fireworks once she hits the chorus, though she’s content to let the background singers fill in many of the lyrics while she wails. Not thrilled with that, honestly. Grade: C+

Koryn Hawthorne: She’ll sing “If I Were a Boy” by Beyonce. It sure didn’t take Koryn long to work up her intensity. She packed a lot of power into that very shortened performance. She nailed a couple of very nice notes. I think I preferred her performance by just a smigeon. Grade: B

And the save goes to Koryn Hawthorne.

That means Team Christina won’t have a singer in the finals.

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