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Ryan Innes, Brother Bird, Madilyn Paige release singles

  • Ryan Innes from The Voice Season 6
    Ryan Innes from The Voice Season 6


New post-Voice music out includes singles from Ryan Innes, Brother Bird and Madilyn Paige.

Here’s a bit about each of those releases.

The links take you to the songs on Apple Music.

* Ryan Innes from Season 3 dropped “Better Off Dead” on Friday, and it’s a different sound for him. He wrote the song with Jake Bowman and called it dark alt pop. “I gots no freaking clue how y’all gonna feel about this tune,” he writes on Instagram. “I’m experimenting with sounds always. I’m pushing concepts. I’m walking tiptoes into the dark at times cause (It’s) BORING and actually regressive if not.”

* Brother Bird, aka Caroline Glaser from Season 4, released “Sleep It Off” on Friday. “I wrote this song all the way back in 2017- SO thrilled to finally have this little time capsule out in the world,” she writes on Instagram. She also gives a big thanks to those involved in recording the song, including hubby Colton Swon of the Swon Brothers, who provided backing vocals and bass guitar. “Sleep It Off” follows “Comeback” and “Everything is Fine” as the third single this year from Caroline.

* Madilyn Paige from Season 6 continued her string of impressive releases with “Save You Some Time.” She’s talking about guys feeding her lines in hopes of a one-night good time. It’s the seventh single Madilyn’s released in 2021 and she’ll be performing her new originals live for the first time — and perhaps some unreleased material, she says — at a Sept. 28 show at Kilby Court in Utah.

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