After The Voice

New music from Anthony Paul, KaWan DeBose, Dominic Haynes

  • Anthony Paul from The Voice Season 5
    Anthony Paul from The Voice Season 5


New post-Voice music out includes singles from Anthony Paul, KaWan DeBose and Dominic Haynes.

Here’s a bit about each of those releases.

The links take you to the songs on Apple Music.

* Anthony Paul from Season 5 released a catchy pop single called “Field Day” about someone who had a “field day with my heart.” He wrote the song with Dan Dunn, and there’s an accompanying music video. Anthony told ShoutOutLA: “I’ve seen so much growth in my craft during the conception of these songs and their visuals to follow. Every time I create a new song or a new visual, I make sure to note what works and what doesn’t. I review old footage, study my heroes, and push myself to be better. I am confident that I have done just that with (previous single) ‘Sidelines’ and ‘Field Day’.”

* KaWan DeBose from Season 12 dropped “Wait” last week, and this is a single with a special story behind it. Says KaWan: “I remember riding in the car as a teenager and my sis, @i_amjasmyne played me a record by a band I’d never heard, The Bird and the Bee; a duo consisting of producer Greg Kurstin and vocalist Inara George. The chord structure and melodies were genius, and the lead singer’s tone was angelic. It was truly unlike anything I’d ever heard, and they quickly became one of my biggest musical influences. Fast forward several years later, a melody came to me and all I heard in my mind was that same angelic voice singing what I’d written … so much so that I titled the tune after her initially.” The song was “Wait,” and guess who provides a guest vocal with KeWan?

* Dominic Haynes from Season 16 released a quite different single called “Lost My Head” last week. Writes Dominic: “(Producer) @guyfurious asked me why he hadn’t truly gotten to see me in the music yet. It triggered me, I grew defensive, because I knew that I hadn’t quite started digging into the wounds I had promised myself I’d heal. I tainted my association to love for a long time. I allowed my ego’s desire to conditionally control keep me far from it. This brought me closer to it.”

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