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Song by song grades for Team Adam Levine on The Voice


Sharane Calister’s rousing version of “Never Enough” earned her a spot in The Voice Top 12 Monday night.

Now the remaining members of Team Adam Levine — Drew Cole, Jackie Verna, Mia Boostrom, Rayshun LaMarr and Reid Umstattd — return to the stage tonight.

They’re competing for the final two spots in the finals. One will be determined by tonight’s fan voting.

Then Adam Levine will save one of his remaining artists.

Check back when the show begins. I’ll provide song by song grades for tonight’s performances.

Reid Umstattd: He covered “Long Cool Woman” by the Hollies. I wasn’t a big fan of Reid’s Monday night performance. This one went much better. Reid seemed entirely comfortable and confident as he worked the stage. And he delivered the big ending we’ve come to expect on The Voice. Nice job. Grade: B+

Jackie Verna: She’s singing “Once.” Her hopes hinges partly on Adam wanting to take on Blake with a country singer. Jackie’s showing nice passion and power in her voice, but she went for a big note there near the end and didn’t exactly nail it. Grade: B–

Drew Cole: He’s singing “Wild Horse.” Like this song choice for Drew. And he delivers a very solid performance, one of my favorites of the night. He tweaked the chorus a bit, but it all worked. That should certainly put Drew into the running for a spot in the Top 12. Grade: A–

Mia Boostrom: Really strong start to that cover of Chris Stapleton’s “Either Way.” But was her voice just a bit weary. It seemed to show the wear of all these performance during the chorus. Adam mentioned what a tough song it is to sing, usually a sign that the vocal wasn’t spot-on. Grade: C+

Rayshun LaMarr: Rayshun is performing “Down” and pouring a ton of passion into the performance. In fact, he’s going just a little bit crazy on stage. No lack of energy in that performance. And he ends with a huge glory note. Don’t know if it will be enough to make the Top 12, but Rayshun left it all on the stage. Grade: B+

I missed Reid’s performance, but based on everything I’ve heard to this point, I’d put Reid and Drew in the Top 12.

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