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Song by song grades for Team Kelly Clarkson on The Voice


Brynn Cartelli dazzled The Voice judges Monday night with her version of Sia’s “Unstoppable.”

Fans clearly enjoyed it too, voting Brynn into The Voice Season 14 Top 12.

Tonight, her Team Kelly Clarkson teammates — Tish Haynes Keys, Kaleb Lee, Dylan Hartigan, Alexa Cappelli and D.R. King — return to the stage.

They’re competing for the final two spots on Team Kelly in the Top 12.

One will advance based on the live voting that occurs tonight. Then Kelly will save one of her four remaining artists.

Check back when the show starts. I’ll be providing song by song grades as the contestants sing.

Kaleb Lee: He takes on “Die a Happy Man” and turns in a solid performance. Kelly calls him the “best country singer” on the show. At this point, he looks like the country singer most likely to make a wave on the show. If he makes the Top 12. Based on that performance, I’d say he certainly deserves consideration. Grade: B

Alexa Cappelli: She just hit number one on the blues chart, but seemed a bit nervous at the start of that performance, and it might have affected her vocals because she was suffering from some pitch issues. She picked up the intensity toward the end. Wow, did she pick up the intensity toward the end. She covered “Stop and Stare.” Grade: C+

D.R. King: I keep under-estimating D.R. King, then being reminded how strong of a vocalist he is when he shows up on stage. He covers “All on My Mind” and nailed a couple of very impressive high notes. Grade: B

Dylan Hartigan: Interesting song choice. He’s singing “Last Dance with Mary Jane” by Tom Petty. I’m enjoying this. Dylan’s sounding better than he did Monday night and he’s working the stage with confidence. I have a feeling he’s going to need to win via vote. I have a feeling Kelly’s save tendencies will lie elsewhere. Grade: B–

Tish Haynes Keys: She covers “At Last” and delivers the best vocal we’ve heard so far tonight. As I’ve said beofre, I think Tish absolutely has to advance. She displayed a nice growl in her voice, she nailed a huge glory note. If she isn’t voted through, she needs to get the save. Grade: A–

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