Season 2 Finals, The Voice

The Voice mentors need to be in their seats, not on stage


The producers of NBC’s “The Voice” need to find themselves a super-sized tube of superglue.

They need to douse the four Star Trek chairs where the mentors sit with that superglue.

They they need to firmly plant the butts of Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton in those seats.

I just read the press release for Monday night’s two-hour performance finale of The Voice (8 p.m. EST).

Let’s just say I’m unimpressed.  Maybe even a little ticked.

Each of the four finalists — Juliet Simms, Chris Mann, Jermaine Paul and Tony Lucca — will sing one solo song.

That’s it.  Just one.

Ah, but they will get to take the stage for a second time.  For that performance, they’ll perform a duet with their mentors.

For crying out loud.  Haven’t the mentors on The Voice spent enough time on stage already?

Blake sang his new single last week.  Cee Lo danced around the stage in a golden gladiator outfit a couple of weeks ago.

Adam performed Maroon 5’s new song with Wiz.  Christina can’t keep her — whew, I almost got rude — hind end planted.  She’s constantly jiggling her way onto the stage.

Hey, NBC.   Hey, The Voice.  This is supposed to be about the contestants.

Juliet’s post-Voice career is not going to depend on how well she sings with Cee Lo.

Chris Mann’s surely won’t depend on how well he sings with Christina.  (Doesn’t that have potential train wreck written all over it?)

And I don’t think Jermaine Paul wants to sing country music with Blake as a career.

So why, on the final performance show, are duets being featured?

And if you want duets, wouldn’t there be plenty of time during Tuesday’s two-hour results show?

This is yet another example of the major flaw in the format on The Voice.

We’re supposed to pick a winner Tuesday night.  Yet we’ve only seen most of the finalists sing solo four times, and one of those was three months ago when they auditioned.

Monday, we’ll get to see them perform one more solo for a grand total of five.

Over on American Idol, the top two will have performed 20 solos before we select a winner.  Over 13 consecutive weeks.

Now, who do you think has a better launching pad for a successful post-show career?

Coming up:  Tomorrow I’ll post a finale preview for The Voice, with profiles of the four finalists, a blog featuring their Voice performances and another featuring their pre-Voice music. So check back them.

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