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Brynn Cartelli, Kyla Jade, Spensha Baker make The Voice finale

The Top 8 on The Voice include (from left) Brynn Cartelli, Kaleb Lee, Jackie Foster, Britton Buchanan, Rayshun LaMarr, Kyla Jade, Spensha Baker and Pryor Baird. (NBC Photo)

The Top 8 on The Voice include (from left) Brynn Cartelli, Kaleb Lee, Jackie Foster, Britton Buchanan, Rayshun LaMarr, Kyla Jade, Spensha Baker and Pryor Baird. (NBC Photo)


Who’s in danger tonight on The Voice?

Well, I’d suggest fans of all eight singers be ready to Tweet tonight just in case their favorite needs the final instant save to survive tonight’s cut.

Remember, four artists go home. And no fewer than six singers landed in the Top 10 on iTunes today, raising the drama level heading into tonight’s results show.

As the live rounds progressed, I’ve come to assume that Britton Buchanan, Brynn Cartelli and Pryor Baird were locks to make the finals.

Brynn’s a just-turned-15 phenom. Britton’s impressed with his vocals, his guitar skills and his old-school song choices. Pryor’s just the type of veteran Team Blake Shelton contestant fans often gravitate toward.

But Kyla Jade — Jennifer Hudson’s background singer, it must be noted — has come on strong on iTunes the past two weeks. And the other two singers who cracked the Top 10 are country singers on a show with a large country fan base.

Bottom line, it suddenly looks like any one of the six could wind up in need of a save tonight.

Rayshun LaMarr? Jackie Foster?

A shot at a save is probably the best they can hope for. On a day when six Voice singers cracked the Top 10 on the charts, they failed to crack the Top 30.

And while the iTunes bonus now only multiplies downloads by five rather than the 10 multiplier used in some previous seasons, iTunes rankings have been a pretty good indicator of who’s landing where in the voting.

Remember how it works tonight — just three singers advance on fan voting. The two low vote-getters go home. The three in between compete for the instant save, which is determined by tweets and retweets.

The hashtags you’ll need to tweet are as follows:


Check back tonight for updates as the results come in.

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And advancing to the finals on The Voice is …

* Spensha Baker (Team Blake) — Wow, that’s a surprise for a starter tonight. Though I felt her performance last night was one of the best. And my preferred finale at this point would be Spensha, Brynn, Britton and Pryor.

* Brynn Cartelli (Team Kelly) — Yes. As good as she’s been at just-turned 15, the finals would have seemed empty without her. Excellent job, voters!

* Kyla Jade (Team Blake) — Okay, I didn’t really want to see that for obvious reasons. She sings background for a woman who coached Season 13 and will coach Season 15. It still baffles me that The Voice thought she should be eligible to compete.

That puts Britton Buchanan, Pryor Baird, Jackie Foster, Rayshun LaMarr and Kaleb Lee in danger of elimination.

Competing for the instant save will be …

* Britton Buchanan: Bet lots of folks are shocked he needs an instant save to advance, especially after last night’s performance.
* Kaleb Lee: He was not that strong last night, but has the show’s country fan base to support him.
* Pryor Baird: That means all three Team Blake members could make the finale. But he has the West Coast jinx to beat in order to do it.

As expected, Jackie Foster and Rayshun LaMarr are eliminated.

The instant save wound up going to Britton. Head here for a blog with song by song grades for the save-me performances.

I was really hoping for a Britton, Brynn, Pryor, Spensha finale.

But it’s going to be Britton, Brynn, Spensha and Kyla.

Oh, and by the way, West Coast contestants are now 0-12 lifetime in instant save situations on The Voice.

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