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Britton Buchanan gets last spot in The Voice Season 14 finals


Britton Buchanan hugs coach Alicia Keys after getting the final spot in The Voice finals next week. (NBC Photo)

Britton Buchanan hugs coach Alicia Keys after getting the final spot in The Voice finals next week. (NBC Photo)

Lots of fans of The Voice probably figured 18-year-old Britton Buchanan was a shoe-in for the finals.

And that was especially true after his cover of “The Rising” rocketed to number four on the iTunes singles chart Tuesday.

But iTunes results are always indicative of voting on The Voice and Britton wound up competing against Pryor Baird and Kaleb Lee — two country singers on a show with a huge country fan base — for a chance to advance to next week finals.

He wound up getting that save. When The Voice took down the graphic, he was in the lead with 47 percent of the vote compared to just over 30 percent for Pryor and just over 20 percent for Kaleb.

Kaleb and Pryor both ended their Voice run on high notes. They cracked the iTunes Top 10 Tuesday.

By Pryor also became the latest West Coast victim of The Voice instant save format. Fans vote for the save on East Coast time, hours before the show airs out in California. Though he now lives in Nashville, Pryor is from Orcutt, Calif., and was receiving lots of support from his hometown.

Here are the instant save songs and the Voice Views’ grade for each.

Pryor Baird: He’ll sing “Soul Shine.” Any fan of Pryor will love that performance. His rasp was in full effect. He poured tons of passion into that performance. It was pretty much pitch perfect from beginning to end. A convincing argument that he belongs in the finals. Grade: B+

Kaleb Lee: He’ll sing “Simple Man.” Hey, that was a very, very good performance from Kaleb. No doubt, one of his best. That’s one thing about being a veteran performance like Kaleb or Pryor. They aren’t rattled by this situation. Grade: B+

Britton Buchanan: He’s singing “Dancing on My Own.” Dang. All three of these performances are final worthy. Gotta say, though, I liked Britton’s just a bit better. He showed a bit more range over the course of what was a powerful performance. Grade: A–

That leaves a Season 14 final four of Britton, Brynn Cartelli, Spensha Baker and Kyla Jade.

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