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Who’s the favorite to win The Voice?


The Voice Top 4 of Spensha Baker, Brynn Cartelli, Britton Buchanan and Kyla Jade


So, who’s the favorite heading into tonight’s results show on The Voice?

Going in, the Season 14 finale seemed one of the most wide open in recent Voice history.

Monday’s performance finale did little to clear things up.

Thanks, Britton Buchanan.

A week removed from needing an instant save to survive on The Voice, Britton was probably the most impressive performer Monday night, partly because of that great original he wrote.

Brynn helped her cause too, especially with that show-ending cover of Adele’s “Snowfall.”

Here’s how I’d stack up the Top 4 heading into tonight’s finale.

1. Brynn Cartelli (Team Kelly): I still say she’s the show’s most unique talent. She’s also become it’s youngest winner ever, and she’s been surging later, including placing both of her solos from last night in the Top 10 on iTunes. That gives her four straight Top 10 performances. But you know what? Brynn hasn’t been the show’s leader on iTunes since the knockout round.

2. Britton Buchanan (Team Alicia): He topped the charts with “Where You Come From.” That can’t be overstated. Professionals wrote singles for Brynn, Kyla and Spensha, and #1 on iTunes went to an 18-year-old from Sanford, N.C., who wrote his own tune. Like Brynn, Britton scored two Top 10’s last night, giving him the most (5) among the finalists. But he’s also bucking big odds. Since The Voice adopted this format in Season 9, the saved artist in the semifinals has finished fourth all five seasons.

3. Kyla Jade (Team Blake): After leading the show on iTunes the past two weeks, Kyla faded a bit on Monday. And faded badly on the charts. Four Voice songs landed in front of her best charting performance. Blame an original that was the least catchy of the four we heard. Also blame a duet with Blake Shelton that is best forgotten. She winds up with bonus points on three Voice performances compared to five for Britton and four for Brynn.

4. Spensha Baker (Team Blake): She’s come on strong the last couple of weeks and she seemed as shocked as some viewers when she was voted straight into the finals, no save required. But she has the fewest bonus point songs of anyone in the Top 4 and it’s tough to envision her leap-frogging everyone already mentioned to win Season 14.

of course, this is The Voice, not to mention the one-year anniversary of Chris Blue’s illogical, mind-boggling victory over Lauren Duski, who was far more dominating on the charts than any of the Season 14 contestants.

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