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Check out new singles from Luke Wade, Royce Lovett and more

  • Royce Lovette from The Voice Season 17
    Royce Lovette from The Voice Season 17


Wow, what a year for post-Voice music.

Don’t believe me? Check out the singles released in 2019 here. Check out all the EPs and albums released in 2019 here. Sorry, I’m a bit behind in posting snippets there.

Anyway, 2019 ends with new singles from Royce Lovett, Luke Wade as LAWS, Duncan Kamakana and Jubal Lee Young.

As always, the links below take you to the songs on Apple Music. Or you can check out Spotify snippets in the playlist below.

Royce Lovett from Season 17 has already released his first music since the show. Actually, it’s a double single featuring the songs “Dope” and “Everyday Problems.” And he’d released music videos for the songs to his YouTube channel over the summer. “Some fans have been saying that I don’t rap enough. We heard you loud and clear,” he said at the time. Royce was 30 when he auditioned for The Voice and advanced as far as the knockout round.

Luke Wade, a Season 7 standout, started a new alternative rock project called LAWS this summer. He recently released a second single under that moniker, “Silver Bullet.” He said he worked on the single with Andrew Heringer and Sean Van Vleet. It follows “Plastic Love,” the debut single from LAWS, which came out in early November.

Duncan Kamakana from Season 4 dropped a trio of singles just before Christmas — “You Can’t Find Me,” “Childhood Games” and “That’s Just How It Goes.” He says he wrote “You Can Find Me” following his time on The Voice. Never comfortable in the spotlight, he writes on Instagram that “even my short stint on national television created a level of fame that felt completely unnatural to me, and at times made it feel like the only real option was to walk away from it. Music has funny way of drawing me back in each and every time.” Also head to Instagram for the stories behind the other two songs. Duncan also released a live acoustic album this fall.

Jubal Lee Young from Season 9 has a rocking new single out called “Be Our Dreams.” Jubal appeared on The Voice as part of the duo Jubal and Amanda. Solo, he’s released three singles this year, including an anti-Donald Trump anthem over the summer.

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