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EPs from Abby Kasch, MaKenzie Thomas and a sneak peek at one from Tony Lucca

  • Abby Kasch from The Voice Season 16
    Abby Kasch from The Voice Season 16


Recent post-The Voice new music releases include two major projects and a sneak peek at a third.

Abby Kasch and MaKenzie Thomas, both of whom enjoyed success on the show, have released their first EPs since.

And Tony Lucca recently released the first song from an upcoming EP.

As always, the links below take you to the songs on Apple Music. Or you can check out Spotify snippets in the playlist below.

Abby Kasch from Season 16 has followed up her single “Red Lip” with a promised four-song EP by the same name, featuring that song and three others. “Red Lip” marked Abby’s first release since The Voice and was written with the song-writing team of Lindee and Zach Nelson. She calls it her favorite song, but also be sure to check out EP closing “Sorry.” Abby was a Top 20 finisher on Season 16 and released a pre-show EP called “L.O.V.E.” in 2016.

MaKenzie Thomas, a Top 8 finished on Season 15, released her debut EP “Hym” just before Christmas. The six-song collection includes “Time On You,” a song she released as a single earlier in the year. And the lead track is “Why,” a collaboration with Kirk Jay, the country singer who finished third that season.

Tony Lucca from Season 2 is planning a new EP called “Right Here” and dropped the title track Friday. It’s a song he recorded when he stopped by a friend’s for a five-hour recording session on a trip from Nashville to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, he explains on Instagram. He had me play through a solid handful of songs, never playing any of them more than twice.” Those songs didn’t make it onto “Ain’t No Storm,” Tony’s latest album, released earlier this year. But it sounds like we’ll be hearing more of them soon.

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