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Julia Cooper, Caroline Sky, Davina Leone drop new music

  • Julia Cooper from The Voice Season 19
    Julia Cooper from The Voice Season 19


New post-Voice music out includes releases from singer-songwriters Julia Cooper, Caroline Sky and Davina Leone.

Here’s a bit about each of those releases.

The links take you to the songs on Apple Music. Or you can check out the Spotify snippets below.

* Julia Cooper from Season 19 has released her first music since, a full-length cover of “Alaska.” It’s the song she performed in The Voice blind auditions, prompting three chair turns. Writes the 21-year-old on Instagram: “Thank you @maggierogers for this incredible song. It has LITERALLY changed my life in the best ways.” You can check out the full performance video here.

* Caroline Sky from Season 12 released “Company” on Friday. And it’s one of her most addictive singles so far as Caroline lets a guy know she doesn’t need his company if he isn’t going to treat her right. It’s Caroline’s first release of 2021, but isn’t likely to be her last. “Worked harder than ever this year. big things planned for 2021,” she writes on social media.

* Davina Leone, also from Season 12, released “Space” on Friday. She calls it a fun cool with a disco, clubby vibe, and indeed it is. Davina has already released three EPs since The Voice and says “Space” could mark the first song from a fourth — four songs “all embarrassingly about the same person.” She also recently relocated from L.A. to Miami and has been producing for other artists.

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