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Meet Olivia Rubini of The Voice Season 25


Olivia Rubini of The Voice Season 25

Olivia Rubini of The Voice Season 25

Her audition: Olivia Rubini, 24, of Wilmington, Del. performed “Long Long Time” by Linda Ronstadt. Olivia was only a few notes into the song when John Legend turned. She displayed an emotive tone and nice stage presence. Reba called her a great singer. Chance said he thinks Olivia is a star. Dan called it an amazing performance and said he loved the passion she poured into the song. John said he’s thrilled that he didn’t have to fight the other coaches for Olivia, because he’s sure it would have been a battle. That’s because Olivia nabbed the very last spot on the show. Every other team was full when she auditioned.

Here’s more about Olivia:

* She’s a self-described pop singer-songwriter, a native of Delaware who studied at Mount St. Mary’s University in Maryland.

* And she’s released quite a bit of music, including a 2021 album called “Silhouettes” that hit streaming sites just as she was entering her final semester in college.

* That album was produced by her father Ritchie. He was a drummer for a 1990s rock band called The Caulfields and one of her inspirations for pursuing music.

* “I grew up in a very musical family,” she said in a 2021 interview. “I’d get picked up after school and go to the studio. That was life.”

* Inspired by the likes of Coldplay, Rihanna and John Mayer, Olivia began posting covers to Soundcloud and released her first single, a song written by the father’s friends, when she was just 15.

* More singles followed, but her music took a more personal turn with that 2021 album.

* “I wanted it to be real. I wanted real musicians, real instruments, and blurred genre lines. It still has a dreamy introspective vibe that is in a lot of my other music, but this is more real, more personal,” she says in an article on the campus website.

* “Little Tiny Stars” from that album and a 2021 single “From the Dining Table” are Olivia’s most popular to date on Spotify, each with more than 130,000 streams.

* Olivia’s most recent release is a cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Oh Daddy,” released last February.

* Olivia has already developed a decent social media following with more than 2,300 followers on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Olivia on social media:

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