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Meet Holly Forbes from The Voice Season 21


Holly Forbes from The Voice Season 21

Holly Forbes from The Voice Season 21

Holly Forbes is among the musicians who auditioned for The Voice Season 21.

Here’s more about Holly. Season 21 of The Voice kicks off Monday, Sept. 20, on NBC.

* She’s featured in a Voice promo released Tuesday, turning four chairs with a splendid version of Elton John’s “Rocket Man.”

* She’s the mother of two, Kentucky-based, according to her Twitter account, but has also performed extensively in West Virginia.

* For several years, she was part of a duo called Holly and the Guy. In a 2014 interview, Holly said they met on Craigslist while seeking jam partners, and the duo materialized from there.

* They started off as an acoustic duo, but eventually moved toward more of a soul/ R&B sound, according to that article.

* The article refers to a four-song EP Holly and the Guy released, but it isn’t available on streaming sites.

* A 2019 single called “All Day” is, and you can check out more original music from the duo on Soundcloud.

* The last music-related post to the Holly and the Guy Instagram page was in December 2019, so it doesn’t appear the duo is still active.

* As a soloist, Holly took part in a Rolling Stones Tribute in Charleston, W.Va., in late August, writing “I am super honored to be included in this lineup.”

* And you can check out a large number of solo covers from Holly on her YouTube channel. Check out her superb cover of “Hallelujah” below.

* She also recently got engaged to fiancee Seth Carey, judging from her Instagram page.

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