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Meet Matt Wilson of American Idol Season 21


Matt Wilson of American Idol Season 21

Matt Wilson of American Idol Season 21

Matt Wilson is among the singers who auditioned for Season 21 of American Idol.

American Idol returns to ABC on Sunday, Feb. 19 for its Season 21 premiere.

Here’s more about Matt.

* He’s a 21-year-old singer-songwriter who was born and still lives in Buffalo, N.Y.

* His American Idol audition was so impressive, Matt was one of three singers Idol showcased at the American Music Awards in November with America’s Platinum ticket on the line.

* Matt performed “For Tonight” by Giveon (check it out below) and fans were invited to vote for him, Haven Madison or Elijah McCormick to receive that platinum ticket and special perks during Hollywood Week.

* Elijah won the fan voting, but Matt’s participation is an indication that he advanced at least to Hollywood Week on Idol.

* On Instagram, Matt calls auditioning for the show “outside my comfort zone” and thanks his wife “for pushing me and believing in me.”

* Music is definitely not outside Matt’s comfort zone. He’s already released six singles. The latest, “There For You,” landed in September.

* Those releases also include “I Can’t Wait.” He shot the music video for that romantic single on his wedding day in July 2021.

* According to a profile on Matt in the Buffalo Latino Village newspaper, he began singing at age 9 and grew up listening to gospel, R&B, jazz and classical music.

* He attended the Buffalo School of Performing Arts, where he got involved in musical theater.

* In fact, in 2019, he won a best actor Kenny Award for his performances as the lead in his school’s performance of Les Miserables. The awards celebrate the best in high school musical theater in western New York and winners receive a trip to Broadway.

* Matthew calls his YouTube channel MW Productions. In addition to checking out his impressive vocals there, you’ll find music tips, including a video about how to make your vocals “radio ready.”

Matthew on social media

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