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Meet Nia Skyfer of The Voice Season 22


Nia Skyfer from The Voice Season 22

Nia Skyfer from The Voice Season 22

Her audition:
Nia Skyfer, 26 of Miami, Fla., performed “Bam Bam” by Camila Cabello. Nia was nearing the end of the performance when John turned at Camila’s recommendation. John loved her charisma. Nia not only nabbed the final spot on Team Legend, but the final cast opening on Season 22 of The Voice as well.

Here’s more about Nia.

* Nia Skyfer is the stage name for Stephanie Concepcion.

* She was born in Cuba and moved to the U.S. when she was 10.

* Nia’s a bilingual artist who writes and has released music in both English and Spanish.

* In a 2019 interview with Voyage Miami, Nia says she wanted by become a singer by age 8 and started taking classical vocal lessons at 16. She also trained in acting and dance.

* Still, she began studying architecture when she went to college, only to change to a music major two years later because “I wasn’t getting enough time to do what I love.”

* She has seven singles out on streaming sites, mostly in Spanish with the exception of “Some Days,” a 2020 collaboration with Junior Jay.

* Nia released that track shortly after the start of the pandemic, writing “we’ve been storing it for a while … but we thought to share a little light during such dark and unpredictable times. Take care everyone! We really hope our art brings some peace to your hearts.”

* That’s a theme of Nia’s music, according to her Spotify bio, which says she hopes to spread a positive message through upbeat music. “Even if it’s a sad song, she wants others to be able to dance to it,” that bio reads.

* Her inspirations include Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Shakira, Ariana Grande and Rosalia. As a result, Nia says she likes to experiment with her sounds and her style.

* This summer, she’s been performing as part of the Bresh show at The Grounds in Miami.

* According to her Spotify bio, Nia “self-titled herself La Reina Del Cielo (which translates to The Queen of Heaven) because she believes she’s as free and unpredictable as the sky.”

Nia on social media:

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