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Meet Warren Peay of American Idol Season 21


Warren Peay of American Idol Season 21

Warren Peay of American Idol Season 21

Warren Peay is among the artists to audition for American Idol Season 21.

Idol returns to ABC on Sunday, Feb. 19 for its Season 21 premiere.

Here’s more about Warren:

* He’s a singer-songwriter in his early 20s from South Carolina.

* He was previously lead singer for Colston Branch, a Christian band based at Colston Branch Baptist Church near Bamberg, S.C.

* Warren joined the band as a teen in 2017 and was introduced as its lead singer — at “only 19” — in a YouTube cover of “Simple Man,” showing off his raspy vocals the following year.

* Warren was still lead singer in 2019 when Colston Branch released an 11-track, self-titled Christian album.

* He still sings worship music — his YouTube covers include Zach Williams’ “There Was Jesus” — but Warren’s also performing as a solo acoustic artist these days.

* And while he doesn’t appear to have released original music, he’s posted originals to social media, including “Duck Blind,” which you can check out below.

* Oh, Warren’s also an avid hunter, dedicating that song to “to all my fellow duck hunters, as well as all the friends and family I’ve hunted with over the years!”

* His YouTube channel is called Salkehatchie Music, borrowing the name of a river that runs through the region.

* In a welcome video, Warren says he loves “all different kinds of music.”

* Warren admits he was a bit late to the game on TikTok, but he’s gained ground quickly, to the tune of more than 10,000 followers.

Warren on social media:

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