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Song by song grades for Team Alicia Keys on The Voice


Britton Buchanan, the youngest remaining member of Team Alicia Keys, has already secured a spot in the Top 12 on The Voice.

Tonight, the team’s five remaining contestants will take the stage again in hopes of securing one of the remaining two spots.

One singer will advance via live voting. Then Alicia will select one of her remaining four singers to round out her contingent in the Top 12.

Those results will be revealed Wednesday evening.

Terrence Cunningham: Terrence takes on “Ain’t Nobody” and he’s slowed down the opening. Ah, but then the song kicks into high gear. This is probably my favorite Terrence performance since the battle round, but I wonder if it’s the case of someone setting the expectations too high with a brilliant blind audition. Solid, but will it be solid enough? Grade: B

Christiana Danielle: Wow, Christiana just bowled me over with the power of that performance. I’m not sure it was vocally perfect. In fact, on a second listen, there were some pitch problems. But it was a bold song choice — “Take Me to Church.” And it was an absolutely fierce performance. I mean, she was stomping across the stage. And Alicia might want to remember that she did very well on iTunes today. Grade: B

Jackie Foster: Jackie, who still hasn’t shown up on stage in the grunge makeup she once said she performs in, takes on “Alone.” At first, I wasn’t sure of the song choice. Or the vocal. But Jackie’s voice absolutely soared on the second half of the song, nailing glory note after glory note. I’d love to see this lady rocker in the Top 12. Grade: B+

Kelsea Johnson: After two high-energy performances, Kelsea takes the stage and delivers one of her own, covering “Need You Bad.” She’s delivering another fine vocal — gotta say, Team Alicia is absolutely loaded — but it’s not quite as impassioned as the two we just witnessed. Grade: B–

Johnny Bliss: Let’s not forget that Johnny Bliss is the other four-chair turn on Team Alicia. He reminded us of it in this entirely-English cover of “One and Only,” delivering a combination of passion and power in what might have been his best performance since the blinds. Jackie and Christiana blew us away with their energy, but Johnny might have delivered a more on-point vocal. Grade: B+

I suspected Alicia might have the most difficult decision of the four coaches on Wednesday, and Tuesday’s performances did nothing to change that opinion. I think she’s going to be inclined to advance Terrence.

My picks: I’d love to see Jackie advance because Season 12 needs a female rock star. And I think Christiana has earned the other spot.

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