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Song by song grades for Team Blake Shelton on The Voice


Kyla Jade turned in a splendid performance of “How Great Thou Art” Monday night.

In the process, the background singer for Jennifer Hudson earned a spot in the Top 12 on Season 14 of The Voice.

Tonight, the remaining five members of Team Blake take the stage again.

They’re performing in hopes of securing one of two remaining Team Blake spots in the Top 12.

One will be determined by live voting tonight, though results won’t be announced until tomorrow night’s show.

Then Blake will be allowed to save one remaining artist.

Spensha Baker: She starts off the night singing Carrie Underwood’s “Smoke Break.” At the opening, I was afraid the song was going to swallow her up. But she got stronger as the song progressed. Shame we can’t see iTunes voting to know how well that went over. I like this performance better than last night’s. Grade: B

Wilkes Loved the way Wilkes made that his own. I mean, it started off as a fine cover of “Don’t Speak.” But the repeated “Hush, hush” line at the end of the song was outstanding. And brought the coaches to their feet. And beyond the vocal, there was that mic slip that Wilkes successfully recovered from. I think he just scored one of the two remaining spots in the Top 12. Grade: A–

Pryor Baird, Hello, Pryor. Covering “9 to 5.” This is great fun. A wonderful, unexpected song choice and a nice lighter-hearted touch from one of just five singers who turned four chairs in the blinds. I think Pryor might have just nailed down that other Team Blake spot in the Top 12. Way to go, Pryor. Again, shame that isn’t on iTunes. Grade: A

Austin Giorgio: Austin promised tonight’s performance would be a case of classic meets 21st century. He’s singing “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber. Nice to see Austin step into the 21st century, but the vocal was a bit shaky in spots. That’s gotta be tough to follow Wilkes and Pryor to the stage. Blake calls Austin “a gift to us.” Grade: C+

Gary Edwards: And then Gary shows up on stage with an impassioned performance of “America the Beautiful,” which I don’t think I’ve ever seen covered on a singing show again. Blake says “you have made your presence known.” Vocally, he’s right. That take-you-to-church version of the song was a bit too frilled-filled for my taste, but the vocals were impressive. Grade: B+

My picks: Pryor needs to advance. Based on the last two nights, I’d have Wilkes join him.

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