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American Idol: McKenna Breinholt, Blake Proehl scored Week 1’s most popular auditions

McKenna Breinholt performing her mother's song Tumbleweed with her birth family and adoptive family gathered around. (ABC Photo)

McKenna Breinholt performing her mother’s song Tumbleweed with her birth family and adoptive family gathered around. (ABC Photo)


A year ago, Iam Tongi’s audition from the American Idol premiere went viral with something like 13 million views on YouTube.

So, are you wondering which audition from last week’s Season 22 premiere attracted the most views?

The answer should surprise no one, because McKenna Breinholt’s backstory was among the best Idol has ever aired.

Adopted at birth, McKenna tracked down her birth family and learned her mother, Amy Ross Lopez, had passed away, but was a singer too.

She’d never met that birth family, until they showed up at her Idol audition.

McKenna finished that audition by playing one of her mother’s songs, “Tumbleweed,” while everyone gathered around the piano.

Idol didn’t even share the full story. The tragic story of Amy Ross and her romantic / musical partner Derick was turned into a 2022 documentary bearing the band’s name, “Nowhere Man and a Whiskey Girl.”

Anyway, McKenna’s audition has been viewed more than 2 million times when you add views of the shortened leaked audition to views of the full audition made available after Sunday’s show aired.

The other most popular auditions all belonged to guys. And the only other to crack 1 million views as of Saturday afternoon was the audition of former NFL player Blake Proehl.

Here’s a look at views for each audition. Following the links will take you to a profile of each singer, with information on any music they’re already released.

McKenna Breinholt, 2,380,058
Blake Proehl, 1,094,016
Ajii, 926,170
Jack Blocker, 863,710
Odell Bunton Jr., 840,682
Triston Harper, 691,124
Mackenzie Sol, 400,209
Mccaela McCall, 322.220
Meggie Ivyer, 284,880
Kennedy Reid, 259,239

Among the singers we’ll meet this week are several with music already out including former Voice finalist Hailey Mia, Emmy Russell, Roman Collins, Dawson Slade, Ziggy and Sam “Kayko” Kelly-Cohen. Emmy just happens to be Loretta Lynn’s granddaughter.

Other auditioners wer’re likely to meet include a trio of talented ladies, Nya, KB (Richins) and Abi Carter. Idol has leaked Nya’s audition — Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie called it the best they’ve head this year. And it’s already attracted more than 440,000 YouTube views.

Other singers Idol has released press photos for this week include Noah Peters, Johnny Majestic, Shriya Jha, Abby Blake, Justice Murphy, Colescott Rubins and Jon and Trey Lindsley.

Again, if there’s a link attached to the names above, following the link will take you to a full profile of the singer.

Check back after Sunday’s show for a recap and my picks for the night’s best auditions.

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