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The Voice returns with another talent laden cast

The Voice Season 25 coaching lineup of Chance the Rapper, Reba McEntire, Dan + Shay and John Legend. (NBC Photo)

The Voice Season 25 coaching lineup of Chance the Rapper, Reba McEntire, Dan + Shay and John Legend. (NBC Photo)


The Voice returns to NBC for Season 25 Monday night.

This season’s coaching quartet will include John Legend, Reba McEntire, Chance the Rapper and Dan + Shay.

I know. I know. That’s five names. But, hey, Dan + Shay will occupy a big red double chair.

I’m sure The Voice will make much of that in Monday’s season premiere. Heck, the show has already posted a full video on it.

But hopefully, talent will trump gimmicks in Season 25, just like it did in Season 24.

Heck, in the fall, the Team Niall Horan trio of Huntley, Mara Justine and Nia Iris alone made Season 24 one of the most talent laden in recent Voice memory.

Having researched dozens of the new contestants, I’d say Season 25 has the potential to match that.

There won’t be as many singers. Each coach will have 10 contestants this spring as opposed to 14 last fall.

But, from what I can tell, there will be more balance after a Season 24 in which nearly two-thirds of the chair-turners were females.

Here’s a list of the contestants I’ve already profiled. If they’ve already released music — as many of these singers have — you’ll find out about it by following the links.

Bryan Olesen and Ryan Argast are front men for bands with lots of music already out. Karen Waldrup is a country performer with an impressive collection of original music.

Madison Curbelo, Serenity Arce and Nathan Chester are giving The Voice another try after failing to turn a chair the first time around. Nathan is returning 14 years after first auditioning. At age 14.

After a Season 24 filled with solo singers, Season 25 will feature at least two groups — twins Justin and Jeremy Garcia and OK3, a pop music trio from Oklahoma.

Two of my favorite backstories belong to AJ Harvey, who had a role in the major Hollywood film “Killers of the Flower Moon,” and Maddi Jane, who went viral as a child singing covers and has now found her own voice and is releasing her own music at age 25.

You can learn more about most of the Season 25 contestants at the links below.

Note: The Voice will air one and one-half hour audition episodes Monday and Tuesday night.

AJ Harvey
Alyssa Crosby
Anya True
Ashley Bryant
Bryan Olesen
Corey Curtis
Dani Stacy
Donny Van Slee
Ducote Talmage
Gabriel Goes
Gene Taylor

Jackie Romeo
Josh Sanders
Justin and Jeremy Garcia
Kamalei Kawa’a
Karen Waldrup
L. Rodgers
Maddi Jane
Madison Curbelo
Nathan Chester

OK3 (a trio)
Olivia Rubini
Ronnie Wilson
Ryan Argast
Serenity Arce
Tae Lewis
Valerie T. Webb
William Alexander
Zeya Rae
Zoe Levert

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  1. Idol Girl February 25, 2024 at 12:17 pm -  Reply

    Hard to believe it’s already time for the show to start again. My, how time flies! Looking forward to another season of talented singers.

  2. Music Lover February 26, 2024 at 4:50 pm -  Reply

    I just recently got around to listening to some music by Javier Colon. He’s the first winner from the show. His music reminds me a bit of Babyface.

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