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Meet Scarlet Ayliz of American Idol Season 20


Scarlet Ayliz from American Idol Season 20

Scarlet Ayliz from American Idol Season 20

Scarlet Aliz is among the artists rumored to have auditioned for American Idol Season 20.

American Idol returns to ABC on Sunday, Feb. 27. Here’s more about Scarlet.

* She’s an 18-year-old Afro-Latina singer who hails from a small town in Massachusetts.

* She earned a golden ticket to Hollywood during Season 19. But according to two interviews since, she opted to drop out of the competition because she was receiving major label offers at the time.

* Still, Scarlet called the experience “rewarding” and said receiving positive feedback from the judges boosted her confidence. Katy Perry called her “spicy.” Lionsel Richie said she was “oozing with talent,” Scarlet recalled in an interview with Confessional Magazine.

* In a round of late spring and summer interviews last year, Scarlet talked about an album she was working on and said she hoped to release music sometime in 2021.

* That hasn’t happened yet, but you can check out Scarlet’s charming pitch for a song called “Waiting” below. She shows off her vocals, too, singing a couple snippets from the original tune she co-wrote with producer Aaron Pearce. Judging from her social media, it sounds as though the song might be released soon.

* Scarlet says she’s always wanted to be a singer and entertainer and says part of the credit for that goes to her mother. She was a singer when she was young, but stopped performing because she got nervous on stage. Judging from the live performances on her Instagram page, that isn’t a problem for her daughter.

* Scarlet told Twenty 2 Today her desire to create music kicked into overdrive when she transferred out of middle school in sixth grade to an arts school where she could focus more on her music. She’d already had two years of vocal lessons at the time.

* She honed her stage skills as front woman for a Hartford, Connecticut based youth rock band called GRaviToNiK and has several of her performances with the band on her YouTube page.

* As a songwriter, Scarlet told Bong Mines Entertainment “I’m more prone to writing rock/alternative music because I grew up on it.” Her grandfather, she explained, was part of the underground punk scene when he was in college, so she grew up listening to lots of punk rock, including Rancid.

* That said, she described the project she was working on at the time as “heavily influenced by jazz and funk, but also holds elements from R&B and other genres of music. It’s a cluster of amazing sounds all working together to deliver an impactful, and emotional experience for the listener.”

* And while it hasn’t been released, Scarlet also has a successful TikTok filled with covers. She has 20,500 followers and more than 246,00 likes on that page.

Scarlet on social media:

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