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Former Idol contest NOIVAS turns 4 chairs on The Voice

Noivas, aka Savion Wright, listens to coaches' feedback during his blind audition on The Voice (NBC Photo)

Noivas, aka Savion Wright, listens to coaches’ feedback during his blind audition on The Voice (NBC Photo)


The Voice has leaked its first audition of Season 23 and it features former American Idol contestant Savion Wright.

Now using the stage name Noivas — Savion spelled backwards — Wright launches into an emotional and soulful performance of Sam Cooke’s “A Chance is Gonna Come.”

He’s just a few words in when the chairs start turning — all four chairs.

Veteran coaches Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson are facing in Noivas’s direction in a heartbeat. So are new coaches Chance the Rapper and Niall Horn.

Ah, but there’s a twist. Blake has been blocked. So Noivas can’t select him, though he later reveals Blake would have been his first choice.

Turns out the block came from Chance, who delivers the most impassioned plea to lure Noivas to his team.

He calls Noivas an “incomparable talent” and “a voice of this generation that deserves to be heard.”

Of course, the clip ends before viewers learn which coach Noivas chose. You’ll have to tune in Monday at 8 p.m. to find out.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about the Season 23 cast, check out the profiles I’ve posted on all 40 singers rumored to have turned chairs.

Many, including Savion Wright, have already released music.

Alex Whalen
Allie Keck
Alyssa Lazar
Cait Martin
Carlos Rising
Chloe Abbott
D. Smooth
EJ Michels
Gina Miles
Grace West
Holly Brand
Jamar Langley
JB Somers
Jerome Godwin
Kala Banham
Kason Lester
Kate Cosentino
Katie Beth Forakis
Kylee Dayne
Laura Littleton
Manasseh Samone
Marcos Covos
Mariah Kalia
Mary Kate Connor
Michael B. (Williams)
Nari Yella
Neil Salsich
NOIVAS (Savion Wright)
Rachel Christine Gebel
Ray Uriel
Ross Clayton
Ryley Tate Wilson
Sheer Element (Izzy Kaye, Tabon Ward, Jej Vinson)
Sorelle (sisters Madi, Ana, Bella Heichel)
Talia Smtih
Tasha Jessen
Tiana Goss
Walker Wilson

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