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American Idol kicks off Season 22 Sunday night

Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan react to an audition on American Idol Season 22. (ABC Photo)

Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan react to an audition on American Idol Season 22. (ABC Photo)


American Idol will launch its 22nd season – and its seventh on ABC — Sunday night at 8 p.m.

And judging from contestant lists posted on spoiler sites, the show has rounded up the talent to continue the momentum from a superb Season 21 capped by Iam Tongi’s triumph.

Remarkably, ABC has managed to keep its judging panel of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan intact since reviving the show in 2018.

That’s the longest a trio of judges have been in place since the original trio of Simon, Paula and Randy remained together for the show’s first nine seasons.

Season 22 will features some familiar faces, led by Alyssa Raghu (Top 8, Season 17) and Hailey Mia (former finalist on The Voice), dozens of singers who have already released music and a surprising amount of imported talent.

At least three former standouts on British TV singing shows earned golden tickets. We’re likely to meet the first of those — Mackenzie Sol — Sunday night. Contestants also include reality show standouts from Holland and Australia.

And, of course, an interesting backstory certainly helps if you’re auditioning for American Idol. Judging from publicity photos released for Sunday’s show, we’ll be meeting a singing mortician and an aspiring NFL player whose dad was a star wide receiver.

Idol Chatter has already profiled nearly 50 artists rumored to have impressed the Idol judges. You can learn more about them by following the links below.

Abi Carter
Alto Moon
Alyssa Raghu
Anna Grace
Ava Nicole Frances
Blake Proehl
Bradley Rittmann
Brant McCollough
Cate Gartner
Dawson Slade Mitchell

Emery Robbins
Emma Murdock
Emmy Russell
Hailey Mia
Hayley Rashel
Hunter Behrman
Isaiah Case
Jack Blocker
Jaxon Wayne Boardman
Jayna Elise Brown

Jordan Anthony
Julia Gagnon
Julian Cross
K.B. Richins
Kennedy Reid
Laela Dasher
Mackenzie Sol
Max Dasher

McKenna Breinholt
Mia Matthews
Micaela McCall
Michael Rice
Mikayla Paige Ochs
Nars Taylor
Navie Nayon
Nick Connors
Odell Bunton, Jr.
Quintavious Johnson

Reagan Mills
Ricky Moyer
Roman Collins
Scarlett Lee
Triston Harper
Ty’Esha Lashay
Victoria Johnson
Will Moseley
Ziggy Krassenberg


  1. TiredofTripe February 18, 2024 at 8:55 am -  Reply

    Katy Perry is leaving after this season.

    On Idolforums there is speculation that she is leaving due to conflicts with the producers.

    Can you name the last “Idol” finalist who had a lasting career?

    Yes, “Idol” is better than “The Voice”

    However, both shows are manipulated popularity contests.

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